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"Now, we need a bolder, more coherent, cohesive approach to achieve better results." 

Tom Sullivan, UVM President, 6/5/17

Diversity & Inclusion Update: Spring 2019 

UVM has worked diligently to support community members through several initiatives:

  • Institutional statements reiterating the University’s commitment to justice and inclusion in the aftermath of troubling national events, such as the Charlottesville attack.

  • UVM President Tom Sullivan being among more than 600 presidents of public and private colleges and universities across the country who have signed a statement in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, calling it a matter of “moral imperative” and “national necessity.”

  • UVM’s public and consistent support of the students who requested to fly the Black Lives Matter flag.

  • Campus wide efforts to expand the availability of non-gender specific restrooms. 

Our students have played an important role in keeping the University focused on these issues. Their passion for the pursuit of advancing social justice has permitted the University to make progress.  It is the diversity of our campus voices that will help us achieve and sustain academic and inclusive excellence.

The University is substantially more diverse than it was 30 years ago. The University's first General Education requirement focused on diversity and inclusion. The University’s curriculum has been enriched and strengthened with diversity requirements, which are currently in review by the Faculty Senate.  Racial and social justice are foundational values of UVM.  The University maintains a robust infrastructure and policies to combat acts of racism, discrimination, and intolerance.

The journey toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment for every student, faculty, staff and administrator continues. The President’s Commission for Inclusive Excellence has been working on and soon will be completing a Framework for Inclusive Excellence with academic and administrative leaders developing concrete action plans. At a gathering of University leaders in June, President Tom Sullivan and Provost David Rosowsky spoke about creating a sense of urgency on these issues. “Now, we need a bolder, more coherent, cohesive approach to achieve better results,” President Sullivan told the leaders.  The University fully intends to continue engaging with students, faculty and staff, on these important goals and aspirations to achieve meaningful progress.