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Potential and current members - here’s the 4-1-1 on SGA operations.

SGA Senate Appointment Application

From time to time, a senate seat opens in the middle of the term. If an election is not impending, the senate may choose to appoint a new senator.  The Senate Appointment Application is the application for an open senate seat.  

To find out if there are any open senate seats, please contact the SGA at uvmsga@uvm.eduThere are currently no open senate seats. 

SGA Oath of Office

The Oaths of Office for SGA President, Vice President, Treasurer, Speaker, Committee Chairs and Senators.

SGA Constitution & Operational Documents

The SGA Consititution and SGA Operational Documents provide guidelines by which the Senate and Clubs must operate. 

Bill/Resolution Template

Download this template for drafting bills and resolutions.

Robert's Rules

Robert's Rules are the guidelines by which the Senate Meetings are governed.  The Speaker is charged with enforcing these rules. (Also, read up on the history of Robert's Rules)

Senate Operations & Legislation Act

The Senate Operations & Legislation Act, passed in 2003, supports the SGA Constitution with further clarification regarding operations and legislation.

Senate Committee Descriptions

The SGA Senate has eight committees. This document explains the duties and functions of each committee.

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