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Join a Club

Choose to get involved on campus. Check out the list of clubs, e-mail leaders directly, browse facebook pages, find them on the Lynx, or check out club websites to learn more about them. 

Check out The Lynx

Visit The Lynx, our all encompassing website where you can easily to find clubs, events, join a club, and read up on many other SGA financial related resources.

Attend ActivitiesFest

ActivitiesFest is held every Fall outside or inside of the Davis Center.  This is an opportunity to meet many of the current SGA clubs and their leaders.  There is also free food, giveaways, games, and more!  Visit the ActivitiesFest site for more information.  

Did you miss ActivitiesFest?  No worries, check out the Winter Involvement Fair to learn more about clubs, organizations, and departments that make up the UVM Community.

Contact a Club

Each SGA club has a club contact. Shoot an e-mail to the the club contact and let them know you're interested in joining their club - they can provide you with the meeting times and locations and help you navigate your entry into the club of your choice. 

Show up at a Club Meeting

The student-run UVM BORED calendar lists a many (if not all) of the club meetings at the beginning of the school year - this is an excellent resource to see when club meetings are, and where they're located!

Tryouts (...if applicable)

Some clubs require tryouts - You can inquire if the club holds tryouts by contacting the club directly, or email the Club Sports Coordinator, Leon Lifschutz.

Involvement Surveys (Incoming First Year & Transfer Students)

If you're just joining the UVM community - welcome! When you attend UVM orientation you will recieve an involvement survey to note your interest in any of the numerous student clubs and organizations at UVM. The Orientation Office will share that information with SGA who will connect you with the organizations you wanted to learn more about.


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