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Clubsigner Resources

Advising Agreement 2018-2019

Click HERE for the advising agreement for the 2017-2018 year form.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides guidlines for clubs to stay in good standing with the SGA.

Clubsigner Transition Manual

The Clubsigner Transition Manual offers a basic guide for clubsigners who are transitioning in/out of their position. All clubs should have their own type of transition materials that they pass on to new clubsigners.

Clubsigner Workshop Presentation

Every fall, the SGA Treasurer and Business Accounting Specialist present a workshop for all clubsigners.  In this workshop, the financial policies and procedures and forms are explained.  You can download the presentation from the most recent workshop here.

Clubsigner Quick Reference Guide

Check out this quick reference guide for all your Clubsigner needs.

Hazing Presentation Workshop

View this Hazing Prevention Workshop which gives an overview of the University hazing policy for all clubs and organizations.

Name Change Form

Looking to change your club name? Fill out this form and contact the Club Affairs Chair to complete this process.

Social Justice Workshop

View this Clubsigner Social Justice Presentation to learn how you can create an inclusive club environment.

Source Numbers

Can't remember your club's source number? Search no further.

SGA Club Affairs Workshop Presentation

Click HERE to view this form


FY 20 Budget Materials 

Documents can be downloaded from the SGA Senate Finance Committee page, under the Document Section.
Once the documents are completed, go to the "FY2020 Club Budget Request" form, under Forms, on the Finance homepage.  Upload necessary documents.  HIT SUBMIT!
The Budget Contractual Agreement form must be turned in, hard copy, to the SGA Front Desk no later than 3PM on 2/1/19.
Please email or stop in to the SGA office with any questions.


Click HERE to be taken to the Finance Committee Page (You will need to log in to the Lynx)

SGA FY20 Budget Workshop: January 23rd OR 24th, 7pm-9pm.  Ira-Allen Lecture Hall
    The workshop MUST be attended by at least one clubsigner from each club, if the club is submitting a budget request.  Only one date needs to be attended.  Pick which one works best for you.

FY20 Budget Workshop Presentation  (Will be available AFTER the Budget workshop on January 23rd OR 24th)

FY 19 Financial Calendar

The Financial Calendar is important dates for budgeting, workshops, and deadlines.
FY19 Financial Calendar

Treasurer's Account Ledgers

The Treasurer's Account Ledgers are for recording club expenses.  They should be updated regularly and will be collected and reviewed by the Finance Office during budget season.


The chartstring number is used for internal charges to your club's account.  The source number identifies your club, and the fund number indicates which account the funds should come from.

Supplemental Funding Request Forms

All supplemental funding requests must be submitted online. Read the instructions for each form carefully. You must be logged into The Lynx to view and submit these forms.

Transaction Reports

Transaction reports are sent out to clubsigners about once a month.  It is the clubs duty to check these reports to make sure there are no errors in the clubs budget.  
This How To Guide will help you be able to read the transaction reports that are sent out.  For further explanation, please stop in to the SGA to speak with Blanka or the SGA Treasurer.

Business & Policies

SGA Constitution & Operational Documents

The SGA Consititution and SGA Operational Documents provide guidelines by which the Senate and Clubs must operate.

SGA Financial Policies 

The SGA Financial Policies document outlines all SGA financial policies and procedures.

SGA Transportation Policy

Risk Management guidelines for travel and transportation.

SGA Leadership Development Fund 

The SGA Leadership Development Fund form should be filled out and turned into the SGA Treasurer when completed.
Leadership Development Fund

SGA Loan Request Form

Loan Request Form

User's Guide for The Lynx

What is The Lynx and how can you use it to your club's advantage? Check out this step-by-step guide for all Lynx users.

Event Planning & Marketing

University Events Services

Check out the University Events Services website for information and resources on planning events and meetings on campus. Be sure to start planning early! 

Licensing  Requests

Products such as clothing, uniforms, furniture, or other items (excluding letter-head, envelopes, recruitment and/or departmental materials subject to publications) using the University's names, marks, logos, seals and/or symbols made for the sole use of a department or student group for fundraising purposes consistent with the department's or student group's mission are subject to a 4% royalty to be paid by the licensee and can only be produced by a UVM approved vendor.  The approval form must be completed and approved by the Licensing Coordinator.  Once the design and vendor are approved, the form must be submitted with the credit card order form or Purchase Order form to the SGA Office. You MUST have your waiver approved before you allow a vendor to make your product. For more information regarding the UVM Licensing Policies and Procedures please click here.

The waiver can be filled out online. You should receive and email back when it is approved and this is the form you will have to provide to the SGA when you make your purchase. 

Catering Requests

Catering requests are filled out when you request space through Virtual EMS.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Event Services.

Catering Waivers

A catering waiver is required to serve food from off-campus vendors at UVM sponsored events. The waiver must be filled out and submitted online a minimum of 14 days prior to the event through EMS.

You can complete a catering waiver through your EMS account. If you have questions please refer to this link or contact Event Services.

Reserving Space on Campus (Virtual EMS)

SGA Organizations may reserve space on campus for meetings and events by filling out an online form. This form can be used to reserve rooms as well as tables in the Davis Center and in front of the Library.  All space requests must be made at least ten business days prior to the event. 

Clubsigners are the only club members that are allowed access to this site.  For first time clubsigner use, you will have to take a short quiz and you will receive an email when you are granted access.  First time users should go HERE, read through the presentation, and take the quiz at the end.  Once you have done this you should receive an email within a week granting you access to use EMS.  

Please Note: All space reservations may be subject to charges for set-up and clean-up time.

***If you are having trouble still accesing EMS and you know that you are a clubsigner and have taken the quiz, please email

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