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Senior Seminar

Students who intend to graduate in May should register for BIOC 196 (Biochemistry Senior Seminar) this semester. Contact Prof. Francklyn for more details.

Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry

Chemistry... in action!

Biochemists study the molecular interactions that guide many processes involved in living organisms. This involves exploring the underlying chemical and physical properties of these organisms, from metabolism and enzyme kinetics to gene transfection and cellular signaling. With the recent publication of the Human Genome and other discoveries describing the molecular basis of life, tremendous opportunities await those students with the right background and training in this field. Don't just watch the future of science: join us and become part of the community of scientists who are making it happen!
For more information, contact Prof. Matthias Brewer, 802-656-1042.

Meet the Biochemistry Program Directors: Matthias Brewer 

Prof. Matthias Brewer
Dept. of Chemistry
College of Arts & Sciences

Stephen Everse

Prof. Stephen Everse
Dept. of Biochemistry
College of Medicine

Sylvie Doublie

Prof. Sylvie Doublie
Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

    Note: This page contains information about undergraduate (minor or B.S.) degrees in Biochemistry. If you are interested in finding out more about graduate (M.S. or Ph.D.) degrees, click on the link to the Department of Biochemistry on the left menu.

  • description of imageCoursework Required for the Degree
    What kinds of topics excite you? A wide variety of electives, including courses in the Medical College, are available for credit through the biochemistry degree. The Biochemistry curriculum is challenging, requiring a broad-based set of courses from a variety of departments in different colleges across the University. Motivated students will be rewarded with the opportunity to learn about recent advances from experts in the field.
  • description of image What Do Biochemists Do?
    Biochemistry connects many different fields of science, from quantum physics to molecular biology. Click here to see examples of research being performed in the field of biochemistry here at the University of Vermont.
  • description of imageUndergraduate Research Projects
    Most undergraduates majoring in biochemistry perform research prior to graduation, either for credit during the academic year, as part of their Honors Thesis, or during the summer. Find out more about undergraduate research opportunities in biochemistry.
  • description of image Biochemistry Students
    Who are the current and recent Biochemistry majors? Although the Biochemistry Degree fulfills all of the requirements for entry into most medical schools, that's not your only option. As you graduation approaches and you start to think about what's coming next, you might wonder about where other students like yourself have ended up.

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