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Event Catering

Campus Catering Process
UVM Faculty/Staff & Student Organization Events

NOTE:  When planning an event, make sure you have reserved a space BEFORE you contract with a caterer.

What if I just want to order pizza?

Order limits for pizza have been eliminated. Any pizza orders outside the Davis Center do not require a Catering Waiver Form and you are not limited to any particular pizza vendor. Any pizza orders inside the Davis Center require a Catering Waiver Form regardless of the amount and are not limited to any particular pizza vendor.

Who are the caterers?

Please see our approved caterer list.

Why are there options?

UVM signed a contract with University Dining Services (Sodexo). Under this contract, an exclusive contractual relationship was maintained for certain locations (see below for specifics).  However, certain locations now allow event managers to utilize any of nine caterers listed above.  This provides flexibility while still maintaining our important relationship with Sodexo.

Can I use outside caterers anywhere on campus?

The University of Vermont has an exclusive contractual relationship with Sodexo.  Service by outside caterers is allowed at any area other than those identified in the contract with Sodexo. This contractual relationship grants Sodexo exclusivity to serve food in the following campus locations:

  • Athletic Facilities
    • Patrick Gymnasium, Cat’s Den, Gutterson Rink, Indoor Track, Multipurpose Facility, Soccer Field at Centennial  and Turf Fields
  • Bailey Howe Library
    • The Cyber Café
  • Billings Addition
    • Cook Commons
  • Dudley H. Davis Center
    • All spaces. Exceptions: Vermont Kosher and Pizza (Catering Waiver Form Required)
  • Given
    • The Atrium in the Courtyard
  • Harris-Millis
    • Dining Hall
  • Living/Learning Complex
    • Alice's Café and University Marche
  • McAuley Hall
    • Northside Café
  • Mason-Simpson-Hamilton Complex
    • Redstone Unlimited
  • Waterman
    • Waterman Café and Waterman Manor

How do I contact the caterers?

Please see our approved caterer list.

How do I pay for my food if I don’t use Sodexo?

Each caterer shall provide the following invoicing services.

  1. All invoices will be mailed directly to you the event planner (or designee) responsible for that particular event.
  2. Each caterer will provide an invoice for each event with the following minimum information:
    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Date
    • The word ORIGINAL printed on the original copy of the document.
    • The full company or corporate name and address; payment address if it differs from corporate address.
    • Purchase order number and/or contract number.
    • Event name, date, and location
    • University of Vermont event representative/coordinator
  3. Invoices shall contain complete and accurate details as to the charges for each event, the name of the event, the location of the event and the number of attendees.  Each caterer must be able to accept sales tax exempt orders.
  4. Any invoice that is unclear, illegible or does not conform to these specific requirements shall be returned to the caterer for re-issuance.

Schedule of Payments 
Payment(s) under this agreement shall be effected as one payment per event, at the conclusion of the event, upon net 30 days terms after receipt of a proper invoice.

Are there any events where an outside caterer cannot be used?

Yes – some official UVM events regardless of the location will be serviced by Sodexo:

  • Admissions Visitations
  • Orientation Sessions
  • Commencement Events
  • Alumni Reunion Events
  • Annual Staff Welcome Picnic
  • December Graduation Reception
  • Homecoming & Family Weekend Events
  • Honors Day Receptions
  • Mastering the Maze
  • Summer Conference Dining in the Dining Halls

What if I want to serve alcohol at my event?

Only Sodexo may provide alcohol for all campus events regardless who is providing the catering.
NOTE: All Student Organizations MUST abide by the Student Alcohol and Other Drug Policy which outlines the process for approval of these activities. Please see the full policy:

NOTE: All Faculty/Staff MUST abide by the Alcohol Policy – Faculty and Staff as outlined by the Senior Vice President and Provost. Please see the full policy:

What does UVM provide versus what does the Caterer provide for each event?

Each cater is responsible for providing all equipment and ancillary needs for a particular event.  The University will provide tables, chairs, garbage cans, and recycling bins.  For outdoor events, costs associated with rental of tents, falls upon you, the event planner (or designee).  Equipment provided by each caterer includes all items necessary for a successful catered event including, but not limited to: attendants, table cloths, table skirts, dishware, silverware, hot boxes, cold boxes, ice, chafing dishes and other serving implements.  An on-site kitchen facility will not be available for any outside caterer.  Most events occur in areas throughout the campus (and outside) and as such, each cater should be prepared to properly heat and serve food in accordance with state health requirements.

Each caterer will provide adequate and expert management/supervision of its employees at each catered event.  In addition, each caterer must provide an on-site manager for each function.

How do I know if my event requires a waiver?

Events that DO require a waiver:

  • Using donated food for a specific event
  • Fund raising and selling food for a group/cause
  • Providing food (potluck) for a specific event that is open to non-members of a group or department
  • Events using food trucks or other food vendors who are not approved caterers
  • Concession requests

Events that DO NOT require a waiver:

  • Events held off-campus (i.e. area hotels and event locations, UVM Colchester Offices, Fort Ethan Allen, off-campus Extension offices)
  • Pizza (no limits)
  • Departments and Student Groups requesting a potluck or BBQ event for their group that is only open to members of that group; (self-prepared items by the members of the group); using either UVM or non-UVM funds
  • Trainings or Meetings for students and staff that are only open to members of that group providing individually prepackaged snack items (chips, snack bars, bottled/canned beverages) purchased from a grocery store
    • Note: full meals need to use Sodexo or an approved caterer
  • ALANA monthly breakfasts; using either UVM or non-UVM funds
  • Hillel Friday night Shabbat Dinners held throughout the academic year
  • Rescue Squad: Purchase of food from grocery stores for the squad members who are on duty (year around)

Who do I call if I have questions about the process?

Conference and Event Services (CAES) Department at UVM is managing and overseeing the UVM Catering Process.  Any questions should be directed via phone to 656-5665 or via e-mail to

Where can I go to get more information about the process?

You can either contact the CAES office or visit our website at:

How does this impact the former catering waiver process?

UVM has a system in place where faculty, staff, and students may request an exception to allow someone else other than the approved caterers to provide catering service.  Given that there are nine catering options, it is important to note that fewer waivers will be approved, given the greater flexibility that is already built into the catering process.

What do I do or who can I talk to, if I have an issue with one of the catering providers?

We encourage individual event planners to address all issues directly with the individual catering company.  However, the catering vendors are aware that University Event Services reserves the right to address any complaints made against any catering vendor operations or personnel.  We are confident that the catering vendor will address and correct any such complaints in a timely and professional manner.

What if I want to use a food provider NOT on the list?

With the new catering process, you cannot select another catering vendor who is not on the approved list.  Any requests for exception must be submitted via the Catering Waiver Request Form as described above.

Have another question that wasn’t addressed?  Please submit your question and an answer will be e-mailed back to you. Additionally, keep checking the University Event Services' website for updates. You can submit your question by visiting: Campus Catering Question


NON-UVM Group - If you are an off campus organization and would like to plan a NON-UNIVERSITY event, that requires catering, please, take a moment to complete our leads form, and a staff member will get to you shortly

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