Welcome back to the weekly COVID-19 resources bulletin for staff, created by the Staff Council office. 

For a full list of all the resources we've featured so far, check out this index (PDF) which we update every week.

As ever, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) maintains a valuable hub of information related to COVID-19.

Human Resource Services also hosts a variety of helpful resources, including COVID-19 Notices and Forms and COVID-19 FAQs (PDF). They invite you to contact Labor and Employee Relations directly with questions at

We at Staff Council continue to invite you to anonymously share how you're doing during the pandemic through a simple questionnaire. All comments are read carefully and shared with leadership. 
COVID-19 Survey - Let Us Know How You're Doing
If you need support or help with a specific issue, you can contact your Staff Council Representative directly. A list of each unit's representatives is available on the Staff Council website. 

If you know of new or additional campus or community resources you'd like us to feature, please check our index of resources (PDF) to see if we've already featured it, and if not, send the information to us at And as ever, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We want to hear from you! 

Last but not least, look for the July issue of Staffline early next week, after the holiday. 
~ The UVM Staff Council Office

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Here is some more food-related information that you may find helpful (see more on the PDF index of all resources, which we update weekly):
  • Food distribution by VT Foodbank is resuming for July and August. Farmers to Families food boxes containing fresh produce, dairy products, and chicken will be available at multiple daily food distributions throughout the state.
    To keep wait times to a minimum, reservations will be required for the distributions. To register and see the dates and locations, please visit or call 2-1-1 if you do not have access to the internet or are uncomfortable using it.

    Registration for each site closes by 4pm the day prior, so please ensure you sign up before then.

    You are welcome to pick up food for other families who are not able to make it to the pickup site, just be sure to include those shares in your reservation.

    Next week's pickup times and dates are as follows:

    Note that the South Burlington distribution – at the old Hannaford Store near Lowes – will take place every Monday throughout July & August.
The impact of COVID-19 on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) continues to be much greater than on other groups. Racism is a risk factor for dying of COVID-19

To help us understand the dynamics that are having such a devastating impact on on BIPOC during this pandemic, it helps to become familiar with what racism is, the many forms it takes, and how we as individuals and as a society perpetuate it. The UVM Teach-In series held recently has been packed with information and helpful perspectives. To learn more about them, visit Finding Answers Together or click on the individual links below:
  • What Is Systemic Racism: Video and Presentation (PDF)
    • Explore the four levels of racism
    • Explain systemic racism
  • Cops, Courts, & the Criminal Justice System: Video and Presentation (PDF)
    • Explore systemic racism in the criminal justice system & the disproportionate impact on Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities 
    • Examine biases and assumptions that lead to an unjust criminal justice system
  • Turning the Conversation to Whiteness: Video and Presentation (PDF)
    • Understand the social construction of Whiteness
    • Explore the ways Whiteness shows up for us as individuals
    • Deconstruct Whiteness at a systemic level issue
Concerned about COVID-19 with regards to voting in the primary election on August 11th? Consider voting early. Here's how: 

1. Register to vote online
To register to vote, and to check or update your voter registration information and make sure your mailing address is correct, go to:, or contact your Town Clerk. 

2. Request a ballot
Ballot request postcards were mailed to registered voters from the Secretary of State's Office in late June. The postcard is a tear-away, postage-paid, ballot request form that may be mailed to your Town Clerk. 
A postcard request form is not required to request a ballot: ballots can be requested online at, or by phone, email, or from your Town Clerk. 

3. Complete and return your ballot
The ballot comes with two envelopes, a security envelope and a pre-addressed envelope. Place the completed ballot in the security envelope, sign, date and seal it, enclose the sealed security envelope inside the pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope. 
If mailing to your Town Clerk, leave time for them to receive it before Election Day. You may hand deliver your ballot to your Town Clerk before or on Election Day, August 11th. If you have lost, or did not receive your ballot, you may request one at the polls. 
FFL youth staff is teaming up with the Burlington School District to provide free books, t-shirts, take & make activity kits, and more at meal sites throughout Burlington all summer long. 

Find them each week at: South Meadow, Franklin Square, Riverside, Bobbin Mill, North Avenue Alliance, Sustainability Academy, Champlain Elementary, Salmon Run, Northgate, and the Boys & Girls Club. 

For more information, email, call the youth desk at 
802.865.7216, or visit

The VT Department of Health has put together an informative and helpful document on face coverings for children (PDF), addressing which children should and shouldn't wear face coverings, when to wear them, safety while wearing them, and helping children adapt to wearing them. The document is also available in multiple languages: 

Arabic Chinese English French Karen Kirundi Lingala Nepali | Somali Spanish Swahili Vietnamese

  • The John Hopkins University Coursera course on contact tracing for COVID-19 offers an excellent understanding of the disease, of transmission, and of actions needed in the community to control it. It is offered free, and is only a six hour commitment. It deepens one’s ability to act responsibly as an individual and as a community. (Thanks to Glenn McRae of the UVM Transportation Research Center for this link). 

Each week we've featured ways you can help, through donations or service. We encourage you to check out the index of all the ways to help which we've featured to date in this PDF.

Here is another resource to check out: 

The VT COVID-19 Response Fund, which we've featured here before, now has a great page up about the Vermont organizations on the front lines and how to help. It covers food access, homelessness, health and human services, domestic violence, and volunteering. 

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