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Helpful Hints for Responding to Bills

While we try to make our bills as clear as possible, our space to do so is limited. As a result people occasionally make incorrect assumptions about what action is necessary while responding to the bill. Below is a list of helpful hints to assist you in appropriately responding to the bill.

  • If the bill reflects that you have a zero balance or a credit balance (indicated by a "CR" next to the amount shown in the "Please Pay This Amount" line), no action is required. This would mean that at the time of the billing, the resources listed on the bill will cover any balance due. Unless you disagree with the resources deducted from the bill (such as a loan you have decided to decline that is listed under "pending" financial aid), the bill is for your records only.
  • If the bill shows a balance due in the "Please Pay This Amount" section, ACTION IS required on your part. If your bill will be covered by a monthly payment plan established with Tuition Management Systems or financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships) that you have been awarded and have accepted, please send an email to indicating:
    • Student Name
    • Student ID number
    • Amount of balance due on bill
    • Deductions from bill including names and amounts of items such as: Stafford Loan, Plus loan, UVM grant, etc.)
    • Name of person sending bill response and daytime phone number, if possible, for additional questions or clarification.
    • Or, if you would prefer, print the PDF version of the bill from the online system and use the fields provided to deduct these items.
Making payment for all or a portion of the bill:
  • To pay online by e-check (ACH, electronic debit to checking or savings) or MasterCard, American Express, Discover (all credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% service charge), go to and click on the "Click Here-Pay Your Bill Online" and then select the appropriate link for login (Student Login, Authorized Payer login, or Guest Payer login). Once you are logged in, deduct any items necessary in the fields provided, and enter your payment amount.
  • To mail in a payment, print the PDF from the online billing system and mail your payment well in advance of the due date. Deduct any items necessary using the fields provided. Please note that your payment must be received by the 4:00 p.m. deadline or it will be considered late. There is no grace period.
Some common misconceptions about billing:
  • "As long as my bill is post marked by the due date, I won't be charged the late fee."
    • Incorrect. We put the 4:00 p.m. deadline on the bill to emphasize the required receipt of payment rather than a postmark date. We do not actually get the envelopes from the payments that are mailed in, as payments are sent directly to the bank for expedited processing. Should the need arise, electronic check payments are available for last minute payments or you can overnight your payment directly to our office:
      University of Vermont
      Student Financial Services
      221 Waterman Building
      85 South Prospect Street
      Burlington, VT 05405
    • Please do not send overnight payments to the P.O. Box address listed on the bill.
  • Another misconception is that another office at UVM should have the information as to how the bill will be paid. While that may be true, with so many students, we can not conceivably share this kind of information about each of our students. Therefore we rely on you to share this information with us.
  • When the bill or a portion of the bill will be paid by loans, outside or private scholarships, 529 plans, trust funds or monthly payment plans, students and families may be told that the funds will arrive on or around our due date. Please do not assume this will happen. Respond to the bill telling us exactly how and in what amount these resources will be. We are looking for you to partner with us and let us know how the bill will be paid.
  • When more than one party is paying on a student's account, both payments must be received by the due date to be considered on time.
  • Each semester we receive calls from people requesting bill due date extensions. While we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that might make paying on time difficult, we are unable to extend the bill due date for one person as it would be unfair to the rest of our students.
We hope you will find this information helpful. Should you have any questions or other billing related issues not covered in this message, please contact our office at (802) 656-5700. Please do not wait until the week of the due date to call as our phones are often very busy and it is difficult to resolve issues with such a short amount of time.

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