University of Vermont

Transfer Orientation Summary

Transfer Students, Welcome to UVM!
Transitioning to college can be an exciting as well as challenging time.  Your success is extremely important to us.  For this reason, we encourage you to take advantage of the many resources and specifically-designed programs we offer transfer students.
The Transfer Orientation Program will give you an introduction to campus life at UVM.  These sessions are intended to help you with the basics of transitioning to on-campus and off-campus life.
Transfer Student Orientation and Campus Life Sessions also provide you with an opportunity to meet future peers, classmates, friends, roommates.  Once students get many of the logistical concerns settled, we often find that students have new questions ranging from living off-campus, to academic concerns, to financial management.  Transfer Orientation and Campus Life Sessions offer you an opportunity to meet key staff members, have your questions answered, and learn more about additional resources available.

Available dates for Transfer Student Orientation or Campus Life sessions can be found here.

Last modified March 13 2013 01:06 PM