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Placement Tests

Placement Tests

Prior to attending Orientation, you will need to complete some placement tests to ensure your academic advisors are correctly advising your course selection.

Math Placement Test

All students must take the Math Readiness Test PRIOR to attending their Orientation session. A very important component of success in math classes is to take courses for which you have been adequately prepared. Your mathematical readiness has been influenced by your high school, your teachers, and the time and interest you devoted to your courses. This preparation cannot always be judged simply from a transcript. The Math Readiness Test provides your academic advisors with the information needed to accurately advise you during the course selection process during Orientation.

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Foreign Language Placement Test

Any student who intends on enrolling in ANY level of French, German or Spanish MUST take the Foreign Language Placement test - even if you have never taken a course in the language. Students who have not taken the Foreign Language Placement test and enroll in a French, German, or Spanish language course will be disenrolled from that course. An optional placement test for Chinese is also available.

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