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HP 302 Community Preservation Projects

Robert McCullough


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"Burlington Looks Up" (1976)

South Burlington Cultural Resources Management Plan (1977)

St. Albans Visual Laboratory Project (1978)

The Burlington Book (1979)

Richmond Architectural Awareness Project (1980)

Early education project (1981)

Morrisville Preservation Plan (1982)

Art Deco and Streamline Vermont (1983)

"North of Pearl and West of Willard" film (1984)

"Rural Preservation: Shaping Vermont's Future" film and resource guide (1985)

Old North End Neighborhood Consensus Project (1986)

Visual Laboratory Project (1987)

Community preservation planning public awareness newspaper supplement (1988)

"Vulnerable Vermont: A Study of Changes to Historic Buildings in Three Vermont Communities" (1989)

Preservation Public Service Television Advertisement Project (1990)

Walking and Driving Tours, Rutland County, Vermont (1991)

Franklin County Rural Heritage Awareness Project (1992)

"Lasting Impressions," US/Japan Historic Preservation Exchange (1993)

"Clues to the Past-The Architecture and Heritage of Franklin County" (1994)

"Around the Lake" Project (1995)

Vermont Heritage Network (1996)

Fire Prevention and Code Compliance for Historic Buildings: A Field Guide (1997)

Vermont's Historic Diners, "Where the Reuben Hits the Road" Video and
Curriculum Guide (1997)

Design Review Resource Guide (1997)

Otter Creek Heritage Corridor Project (1998)

"Finding Space Downtown." A Study of Infill Potential in Three Vermont Towns." (1999)

Historic Barn Survey, Lisbon, New Hampshire. (Kerry Davis, 2000)

Accessibility for Historic Buildings: A Field Guide. (David Provost, 2000)

Measured Drawing, General Store, Harrisville, NH. (Erin Hammerstedt, 2000)

Heritage Walking Tour, Swanton, VT. (Sarah Farley, 2000)

Thorp Barn Interpretation and Exhibit Plan, Charlotte, VT. (Leslie Allen, 2000)

National Register Nomination, Historic Metal Truss Bridge between Piermont, NH and Bradford, VT (William Thrane, 2000)

Using Solar Energy in Historic Preservation Projects (Keats Gallagher and Michael Johnson, 2001)

Historic Architecture & Noteworthy Native Trees: A Walking tour of the Stowe Village Historic District (Lisa Ryan and Caroline Freed, 2001)

Demolition by Neglect: Recommendations for an Amendment to Montpelier's Design Review Ordinance (Doug Porter, 2001)

History of the Ebenezer Perkins House, Royalston, Massachusetts (Michael Goebel Bain, 2001)

Historic Bakersfield Village: A Walking Tour (Mary O'Neil and Andrea Livi, 2001)

North End Urban Survey, Burlington, Vermont (Jason Klostreich, 2001)

Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway: National Register Nomination (Michael Bowman and Justin Cook, 2001)

A Racetrack's Incessant Noise: A Case Study and Prevention Strategy for Canterbury Shaker Village (Eric Martin, 2002)

Design Guidelines and Methods for Testing the Effects of Fire Retardant Coatings on Wood (Joe Haun, 2001)

Tsionkwanati:io, Hogansburg, New York: National Register Nomination (Lois H. Coulter, 2001)

Rokeby Museum Landscape Survey (Eliot Lothrop, 2001)

The Little Brown, Abare, Pomeroy Farm House: A Brief History of a House and Its Land in Burlington's Intervale (Robert F. Panepinto, 2002)

Famous Architects in Burlington: A Walking Tour (Steven B. Levine, 2002).

John Roberts' Houses: A Walking Tour in Burlington, Vermont (Tara Harrison, 2003)

Estey Organ Museum: Slate at the Estey Factory Complex (Rebecca Williams, 2003)

The History of the Hardwick Town House (Elizabeth M. McGinnis, 2003)

A Museum Study for Preservation Burlington (Elizabeth M. McGinnis, 2003)

National Clothespin Company, Montpelier, Vermont (Tiffany Mitzman, 2003)

Historic Bakersfield Barns and Agricultural Buildings: Styles, Design and Use (Joshua D. Phillips, 2003)

West Berkshire: A Vision Plan (Jeff Fellinger, Sarah Vukovich, Sabrina Carlson, Kim Balserus, Charlie Degener (2003)

National Register Nomination, Crystal Lake State Park, Barton, VT.  Mary Stadalnick (2004)

National Register Nomination, Cornwall General Store, Cornwall, VT.  Roger Ciuffo (2004)

Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit, Jost Electronics, Morrisville, VT.  Nicole Janton (2004)

A Museum Study for Preservation Burlington.  Elizabeth McGinnis (2004)

Effects of Infill Development on Historic Neighborhoods in Burlington.  Elizabeth André and Stephanie Gordon (2005)

Historic Structures Report: Moore-Blanchard Barns, President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, Plymouth, VT.  Elieen Heideman (2005)

Viles Transformer House, Barre, VT.  Amanda Ciampolillo (2005)

Historic Preservation Resource Guide, Burlington, VT.  April Cummings, Gweneth Langdon, and Lindsay Jones (2005)

History of the Spaulding Graded School, Barre, VT.  James Duggan (2005-2008)

Accessibility for Historic Buildings: A Field Guide, 2d ed.  David Provost (2005)

Survey of Modernist Architecture in Burlington, VT.  Devin Colman (2005)

Preliminary Draft, National Register Nomination, Lake Champlain Bridge and Tollkeeper's House.  Alexis Godat (2005)

National Register Nomination, Granite House, Barre, VT.  Sara Gredler (2005)

Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit, Part 2 Application, Haviland Shade Roller Building and Annex, Vergennes, VT.  Susanna Prull (2005)

Fire and Safety Code Compliance for Historic Buildings: A Field Guide, 2d ed.  Joseph Hoefferle, Jr.  (2005)

Historic Structures Report, John Thompson Farm, Jericho, VT.  Todd Goff (2005)

Tanglewood Subdivision: Preserving Existing Landscapes, Greenville, RI.  Susanna Prull (2005)

Public Art in Burlington, Vermont: Caring for the City's Treasures.  Conditions, Treatments, Recommendations and Guidelines.  Laura Butler Need
     and Douglas Royalty (2005).

National Register Multiple Property Nomination, Fire Stations of Vermont.  Sara Jamison, Liisa Reimann, James Duggan and Douglas Royalty (2005)

Burlington's Waterworks: Introduction.  Jean Innamorati (2006)

Wall Surface at the Land of Makebelieve.  Michaela Hutchins and Julie Weisgerber (2006)

The Fairytale Castle at the Land of Make-Believe.  Conservation Assessment, Part One.  Michaela Hutchins (2006)

In Search of the Island Line: The History of the Rutland Railroad Through the Lake Champlain Islands.  Rebecca McNamara and Kimberly
     Smith (2006)

The Sound of Falling Water: A History of Water Use and Industry at Swanton Falls.  Jackson Evans (2006)

Preliminary Draft, National Register Nomination: Mill Trail Rural Historic District.  Matthew Holtkamp (2006)

Historic Structures Report: The Quarters Barn and Sheds, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, Cornish, NH.  Kurt Jergensen (2006)

Barn Survey, Bow, NH.  Johnny Holdsworth (2007)

National Register Nomination, E.L. Smith Roundhouse Granite Shed, Barre, VT.  Sara Casten (2007)

Rehablitation Investment Tax Credit Application, Part 2: Ryan Block, Vergennes, VT.  Caitlin Meives (2007)

Historic Outbuilding Survey: Pre-1950, Burlington, VT.  Jesse Zanavich (2007)

An Introductory Guide to "Green" Historic Buildings.  Gregory Tisher (2005-2007).

National Register Nomination, Aldrich Public Library, Barre, VT.  Caitlin Corkins (2007)

National Register Nomination, Hinesburg Town Forest, Hinesburg, VT.  Sarah Graulty (2007-2015)

National Register Nomination, Debar Lodge, Franklin County, NY.  Susan Arena (2007)

Digital Map of Vermont's Covered Bridges.  Kevin Kasun (2008)

Preliminary Draft, National Register Multiple Property Nomination: Historic Gas Stations of Vermont.  Aubrey Von Lindern (2008)

Central Vermont Railway Caboose No. 4009: Context, Conditions, and Reuse Recommendations.  Swanton, VT.  Michael Plummer (2008)

Preliminary Draft, National Register Nomination: West Monitor Barn, Richmond, VT.  Malin Deon, Kevin Kasun, Tracy Martin, Michael
     Plummer, and Eliza Vedder-Plantilla (2008)

Building Conditions Assessment: Stephen Jacob's Mansion, Windsor, VT.  Jessica Brakenwagen (2008)

Rokeby Museum: Agricultural History Teaching Kit.  Ferrisburg, VT.  Heather Cox (2009)

Julian Goodrich: An Influential Force on Modernism in Vermont.  Abigail Muse (2009)

A Guide to the Catalog Houses of Burlington, VT.  Lauren Hummer (2009)

National Register Nomination, The Philip Simmons Blacksmith Shop, Charleston, SC.  Kate Dellas.  2010

Another Walk Through Montpelier, VT.  Adam Krakowski and Reidun Nuquist.  2010

Historic Structures Inventory: Open Picnic Shelters in Vermont State Parks.  Kathleen M. Miller (2010)

Vulnerable Barn Analysis, Salisbury, VT.  Eric Nystrom (2011)

Historic Structures Report: The Duval Residence, Essex, VT.  Meridith Maus (2011)

Architectural Neighborhood Survey of "The Addition," Burlington, VT.  Constance Kent and Kate Ritter (2011)

Drive: Roadside Architecture in the Adirondacks; and Lake Placid Motels and Roadside Architecture.  Liz Warburton (2011)

Vermont Flood Guide: Preparation, Response and Recovery.  Tonya Loveday and Rebecca Reese (2011)

Vermont Architecture of Daniel Urban Kiley.  Danielle Meiners (2011)

Madawaska Main Street Survey, Madawaska, ME.  Matthew Corbett (2011)

The Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT: A Guide to Architectural Features.  Rachel Peterson and Lucy Hamer (2012)

Historic Harrisville Covenantd, Harrisville, NH.  Jenna Lapachinski (2012)

Camp Abnaki Archival Management Plan, North Hero, VT.  Lisa C. Crompton (2012)

The Cider Press at Ben's Mill, Barnet, VT.  Robyn Sedgwick (2012)

A Citizen's Guide to Neglected Historic Buildings of Burlington, VT.  Andrew Evick (2012)

Preliminary Draft, "The Burlington Coloring Book.  Christine Prevolos (2012)

The Beginnings of the Burlington Bike Path and Cycle the City Route, 1971-1999.  Melissa Smith (2012)

Vermont Grange Hall Inventory.  Julie Senk (2013)

Identifying Historic Stone Culverts in Vermont.  Samantha Ford, Jessica Goerold and Elissa Portman (2013)

Vermont Commissions of Edgar and Margaret Hunter.  Suzanne Mantegna (2013)

Camp Santanoni Historic Area: Project List for Future Summer Staff and Volunteers.  Daniel Leckie (2013)

Burlington's Young Preservationists: A How-To Guide for Starting a Preservation Advocacy Organization.  Courtney Doyle and Kate Lepore (2013)

Let's Take a Walk: Exploring the Cultural Landscape in Shelburne Village.  A Self-Guided Walking Tour.  Frances Gubler (2014)

Preservation Trust Field Surveys.  Egbert Stolk (2014)

Community Project: Burlington Edible History Tour.  Egbert Stolk (2014)

Revitalize Keeseville, NY: A Web Page Resource Guide.  Kyle Obenauer (2014)

What Shall be Done With the Paupers?  A History of the Burlington Poor Farm.  Ashley Phillips (2014)

Burlington Historic Architecture Toolkit.  Karyn Norwood (2014)

Survey: Agricultural Barns of Lancaster, New Hampshire.  Gregory Jacobs (2014)

Window Assessment for Historic Homes of Runnemede, Windsor, VT.  Chris Williams (2014)

Multiple Property National Register Nomination, U.S. Weather Bureau Buildings in Vermont.  Matthew Goguen (2014)

Barn Survey of Enfield, New Hampshire.  Kate Hovanes.  (2014)

Archival Management and Conservation of the Vermont Electric Cooperative's Collections.  Paul Willard Gates (2015)

Covered Bridge Trail.  A Guide to the Historic Covered Bridges of Cambridge, Vermont.  Michelle Johnstone and Jacquelyn Lehmann (2015)