University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program

HP 200 - History of American Architecture

Robert McCullough

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Class 1: Introduction

Class 2: Prehistoric, Ancient and Medieval America

Class 3: Colonial England

Class 4: Colonial Holland, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain

Class 5: Georgian - Early Period

Class 6: Georgian - Late Period

Class 7: Classicism - Traditional or Federal

Class 8: Classicism - Idealistic or Jeffersonian

Class 9: Classicism - The Rational Phase

Class 10: Classicism - Greek Revival - A National Architectural Style

Class 11: Gothic Churches and the Ecclesiologists in America

Class 12: Gothic Revival and the Picturesque Villa and Cottage

Class 13: Italian Villa and Italianate; Renaissance, Romanesque, and Egyptian Revivals; Octagon Mode

Class 14: The Battle of the Styles: Second Empire and High Victorian Gothic

Class 15: The Romanesque of Henry Hobson Richardson

Class 16: Stick Style, Queen Anne, and Late 19th Century Eclecticism

Class 17: Shingle Style

Class 18: Classicism Reconsidered: Late 19th and Early 20th Century Classicism: The Ecole Des Beaux Arts and Classical or Renaissance-Inspired Monumentality

Class 19: Period Revivals: English, Dutch, and Spanish Colonial; English Tudor; French and Italian Renaissance; Spanish Eclectic; and Mission

Class 20: Interludes and the Quest for a New Tradition: Chateauesque; Late Gothic and Jacobean Revivals; Eclecticism; and the Buildings of Bertram G. Goodhue

Class 21: Tall Buildings - The Chicago School

Class 22: Tall Buildings - New York and Corporate Urbanism

Class 23: Arts and Crafts and the American Bungalow

Class 24: Art Deco and Streamlined Moderne (Art Moderne)

Class 25: The Prairie School According to Frank Lloyd Wright

Class 26: International Style