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HP 200 History of American Architecture Slide Images


Class 14:The Battle of the Styles: Second Empire and High Victorian Gothic

  1. City Hall, Boston, MA. Gridley Bryant and Arthur Gilman, 1862-65 *
  2. State War and Navy Building, Washington, D.C. Alfred b. Mullett, 1871-87 *
  3. City Hall, Philadelphia, PA. John McArthur, 1871-1881 *
  4. Tribune Building, New York City. Richard Morris Hunt, 1875 *
  5. National Academy of Design, New York City. Peter B. Wight, 1863-65
  6. Jefferson Market Courthouse, New York City. Calvert Vaux and Frederick Withers, 1875 *
  7. Memorial Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Ware and Van Brunt, 1870-78 *
  8. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA. Frank Furness & George Hewitt, 1871-76 *
  9. Temple Emanu-El Synagogue, New York City. Leopold Eidlitz, 1866-68


Class 15: The Romanesque of Henry Hobson Richardson



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