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HP 200 History of American Architecture Slide Images


Class 24: Art Deco and Streamlined Moderne (Art Moderne)

  1. Bullocks Wilshire Department Store, Los Angeles, CA. John and Donald Parkinson, 1928. *
  2. Barclay-Vesey Building, New York City. McKenzie, Voorhees, and Gmelin, 1923-26
  3. RCA Victor Building (GE Building), New York City. Cross and Cross, 1931 *
  4. RKO Building and Radio City Music Hall, New York City. Edward Durrell Stone and Donald Desky, 1932
  5. Rex Cole Refrigerator Sales Building, Brooklyn, NY. Hood and Fouilhoux. AA, 1931
  6. Chrysler Corporation Pavilion, Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago. Holabird and Root. 1933 *
  7. Glass Center Building, New York World's Fair. Shreve, Lamb and Harmon. 1939
  8. Greyhound Bus Terminal, Washington, D.C. Wischmeyer, Arrasmith and Elswick, 1939 *


Class 25: The Prairie School According to Frank Lloyd Wright



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