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“I've used my foundation from living in an RLC to help shape my field of study, internships, and research opportunities." -Dewey House Alumni

Residential Learning Communities


Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are designed to make it possible for students who share common interests and ideals to live together in an environment where each student can feel part of a true community. RLCs engage the whole student by joining together in one place and in an intentional manner the intellectual, ethical, and social aspects of college life. RLC program directors work diligently to offer opportunities that link students not only to their learning community, but also to the larger world beyond the campus.

Learn more about each of our Communities here:

Arts Initiative

The Arts Initiative is a vibrant community where you can: explore your interest in the creative, visual, and performing arts; cultivate your creativity through gallery exhibits, field trips, artist workshops, and social gatherings; and celebrate the arts through formal and informal connections with faculty, staff, and artists within the wider UVM and Burlington communities. Arts Initative is located in the Living/Learning Center

Dewey House for Community Engagement

Members of the Dewey House community work together to make sustained and positive contributions to the community through actions of civic engagement; learn together in seminars designed to increase skills in civic engagement, leadership, and public speaking; and live together to build a strong, collaborative, and dynamic community. Dewey House is located in Harris/Millis.

Global Village

Global Village is where you can explore a community of language and cultural houses, each with diverse programming; learn through special guest lectures, interactive dialogue, field trips, music/dance workshops, and social gatherings; interact through formal and informal contacts among students, faculty, and staff within the Global Village. Global Village is located in the Living/Learning Center.


GreenHouse is a place to be in community with a diverse group of students who share a passion for living. Explore forests, farms and communities of the Winooski River Watershed; and cultivate deeper relationships with the natural and human systems of which we are a part. GreenHouse is located in University Heights South.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness recognizes that we each view our wellbeing in different ways. We strive to be an inclusive and supportive community designed to promote both guided and student-initiated explorations of wellness through the lenses of identity and comunity. Health & Wellness is located in Wright Hall.


A key feature of Living/Learning Programs is that they are develope by students, for students! Students submit proposals to create programs based upon their interests. Program offerings change a bit from year-to-year, but typically students can choose from 20 different programs. Students in an L/L program share a common interest and participate in a variety of activities like guest lectures, field trips, community service projects, dinners, films and social and cultural gatherings. Living/Learning Programs are located in the Living/Learning Center.

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