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The Dirt on Composting

The Dirt on Composting at UVM - 2012 Update

Here are some quick updates on ways that UVM is collecting food waste for composting. Exciting new partnerships are underway with campus departments, groups and organizations.


UVM is Diverting More Food Waste Than Ever!

Each year, our hauling contractor Casella conducts a "compost-weight audit" for the UVM campus. This enables us to know exactly how much food waste is collected on a weekly basis. This year's audit took place Oct 17-21. Each day, the Casella driver arrived to campus with an empty truck, serviced all locations, then proceeded directly to the compost facility to be weighed. (Ordinarily, the Casella truck also stops at other customers and businesses along the way).

The UVM campus diverted 9.07 tons per week with Monday being the heaviest day (as food waste in the dining halls is accumulated over the weekend). This is an average of 1.81 tons per day and a 14% increase in the amount collected for composting over last year, and an 80% increase since 2006 when we first began conducting this annual audit.

Weekly Average of Food Waste Collected for Composting

2006:  4.96 tons

2007:  5.2 tons

2008: no data collected

2009: no data collected

2010 - 7.93 tons

2011 - 9.07 tons


"Green Mountain Compost" Facility is Up and Running

Staff members from UVM Recycling and University Dining Services got a special "sneak peak" on November 4 at the all new state-of-the-art composting facility located in Williston.  Green Mountain Compost is the new name for the CSWD-owned operation (formerly known as Intervale Compost).  The new facility features a large building with rows of covered bays on an expansive concrete pad. The bays have slotted floors that allow air to be blown up into the piles of compost. The “static aerated” system allows for oxygen to penetrate the piles more effectively than with the former “turned windrow” method used at Intervale. The result is a faster process, drier compost, and much less diesel fuel used. UVM sends over 9 tons of food waste to this facility each week.



Find a Compost Cart on Campus - New Map On Line!

UVM Recycling student intern, Beau Tetreault-Cramer, helped us create an interactive Google map to pin point locations where students and staff can drop-off food scraps for composting.  Check out the map here.



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