University of Vermont

College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Equipment and Facilities Available in Jeffords Hall

Basement: 1 growth chamber, seed storage chamber, 7 upright incubators, UDY grinding mills*
Room 101: teaching laboratory, laminar flow console
First floor:
Room 102: teaching laboratory prep room, microscope storage
Room 105: undergraduate study lounge, computer room annex
Room 117: FAX machine, photocopier, paper shredder, two portable digital projectors, field microphone, Flip camera; please see sign up calendars here : PSS Department Resources on Sharepoint
Room 124: sinks equipped with soil/sediment traps, water bath for particle analysis, wet sieve
Room 128: autoclave, soil steamer
Second floor:
Hallway photocopier
Room 201: Plant Diagnostics Lab, laminar flow hood, chemical fume hood, digital image recording phase contrast microscope and dissecting scope, video camera with video-capture
Room 216: chest freezer, thermocylcer*
Room 220: laminar flow hood; Nikon phase-contrast light microscope; Nikon dissecting microscope; milligram scale; vacuum pump, cold-temperature baths; growth chambers; still for distilled water; LI-COR datalogger with point-source and linear light meter; LI-COR spectrophotometer*
Room 222: autoclave
Room 239 PSS and PBIO shared computer lab, plotter printer
Room 248: Blue M ultra temp oven, petrographic microscope, Sand and Kaolin tables*
Room 249: ICP, soil analyzer, chromatograph, centrifuge, Therm Oven, chemical fume hood, freezer*
Room 251: Gas Chromatograph, Shimadzu, GC-17A*
Room 262: Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab
Third floor:
Room 314: molecular biology lab*
Room 316: autoclave
Room 342: chemical fume hood, laminar flowhood, wet sieve apperatus, pressure plate soil moisture equipment, Milli Q water purifcation system, Fisher isotemp waterbath, cement table, Zeiss DV12 Stereo Microscope, Zeiss 200M Inverted Microscope*

*This equipment is not departmental. Please consult with individual faculty members before using any of their equipment.

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