Plant Propagation List of Lectures



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Course syllabus


Course lecture schedule


Course lab schedule (Tuesday) (Thursday)


Chapter 1   Introduction to Plant Propagation


Chapter 3   The Propagation Environment


Chapter 2  Biology of Plants


Chapter 4  Development of Seeds


Chapter 5  Seed Selection (covered in Chapter 2)


Chapter 6   Seed Production and Handling


Chapter 7   Principles of Propagation from Seeds


Chapter 8   Techniques of Propagation by Seeds


Chapter 9   Principles of Propagation by Cuttings


Chapter 10  Techniques of Propagation by Cuttings


Chapter 11   Principles of Grafting and Budding


Chapter 12   Techniques of Grafting


Chapter 15 Propagation by Specialized Stems and Roots


Chapter 16 Principles and Practices of Clonal Selection


Chapter 17 Principles of Tissue Culture & Micropropagation


Chapter 18 Techniques for Micropropagation


Chapter 12 Grafting(Adam Wheeler¹s presentation)