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Accelerated Masters Program

About the Program

The Accelerated Master of Public Administration Program is designed for UVM undergraduate students who are interested in a jump start on their graduate degree. In the junior year, students apply to the MPA with the admission requirements for all applicants. The goal is to be accepted by May 15th in their junior year.

In the fall semester and spring semester of their final undergraduate year, students may earn 9 graduate credits, 2 of which can also be counted as undergraduate credits. With a summer internship and 4 classes in the two post undergraduate semesters, students can graduate in May, one year after their undergraduate degree.

If you are interested in details of this program, please contact Julie Starr (802-656-0009) the MPA Student Services Coordinator. Julie will meet with students to go over the requirements so that the student will be able to determine if this program interests them. The best time to set up an appointment with Dan is in a student’s sophomore year or first semester junior year.

Admissions and Candidacy

Third or Junior Year in the Undergraduate Program

  • Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 at the beginning of the second semester of her/his junior year to stand for possible admission to the AMP-PA program.
  • Students must apply in writing to the director, Masters of Public Administration and the Graduate College for admission to the MPA program. They must submit satisfactory Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (General Test and Analytical component scores) by the end of the junior year of a baccalaureate degree program (usually the end of the spring semester of any given academic year). Applicants to the AMP-PA program must submit the standard Graduate College Application form. Completed applications (including GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, and an official copy of their undergraduate transcript) will be reviewed in the month of May and a formal decision on admission will be rendered by the PA faculty by no later than May 15 of each year to afford potential new AMP-PA students the opportunity to enroll in Summer Session. The UVM-MPA program has a rolling admissions procedure so the above process can be folded into our on-going processes without implementing any new admission process or procedures.
  • The standards of procedure and academic expectation for a student to be accepted for candidacy will remain the same as for regular MPA students. In every instance, there will be no distinction in terms of academic requirements, performance standards, or deadlines between AMP-PA and regular MPA students.

Fourth or Senior Year in Undergraduate Program

  • AMP-PA students must obtain written permission form the director of Public Administration during their senior year of undergraduate study to take up to three Public Administration courses (a total of nine credits) of which only two (six credits) can be applied concurrently to the combined bachelor’s and master’s degree programs with other three credits applied only to the MPA degree program credit requirements. The AMP-PA student can earn up to nine (9) credits during the senior year by enrolling in only the following PA courses: PA 301 Introduction to Public Administration (Fall), PA 302 Public Sector Organizations (Spring), PA 303 Research Methods (Fall). Students must earn a B or better in each PA course


  • Students will complete a three-credit internship (PA 380 200 hours of supervised internship experience) approved by the PA Internship Director. The AMP-PA student must have completed at least two of the above three PA courses (PA 301,302 or 303) to participate in the summer internship.

Fifth Year

  • Fall Semester – Students must earn twelve (12) PA course credits that includes PA 305 Public Budgeting and Public Finance (Fall).
  • Spring Semester – Students must earn twelve (12) PA course credits and include PA 306 Introduction to Public Policy and the PA 395 Public Administration Capstone (Spring).
  • Students must maintain a GPA of B or better in the above PA courses

AMP-PA student will have to be full-time beginning with the internship during the summer through the completion of the fifth year of study. We will encourage AMP-PA students to abide by the following academic schedule as much as possible:

Senior Year of Undergraduate Study

Enroll for up to nine credits in PA courses, 301, 302, and 303, with only six credits to be used concurrently and the other three applying only to the MPA program degree requirements.

Post Baccalaureate Summer

Enroll for a three credit PA 380 supervised internship (200 hours) providing the student has completed and earned a grad of B or better in at least two of the above listed PA courses.

Fifth Year

Fall semester – earn twelve PA course credits (4 classes) PA 305
Spring semester – earn twelve PA course credits (4 classes) PA 306

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