University of Vermont

Leadership & Club Resources

This page is continually changing and growing space for resources for you as a student leader. If there are resources you want or need that are not here, let us know!

For now we only have a few items, but new resources are being developed all the time. Please check back often.

  • Ice Breakers

    The primary goal for an icebreaker or getting-acquainted exercise is to develop an environment which is anxiety-reducing and allows individuals to "break the ice" or get acquainted by having fun. Icebreakers are intended to be tension-reducing rather than providing encounters on a direct interaction basis and should be used with any group that appears to be extremely anxious in the initial stage of development (i.e., first meeting of clubs, program boards, etc.).

  • Student Leadership Planning Calendar

    Planning ahead is a crucial skill for leaders. We’ve developed a planning calendar for the 2014-2015 academic year that includes major events, holidays you might want to plan around, and organizational reminders and tips. Download and plan away!

  • Running Meetings

    While everyone has their own style that they should keep in mind when running a meeting, these resources can provide some other, more practical tips on how to make the most of your time together as a group.

  • Publicizing an Event

    You can't have an event without people! From postering to E-mails, there are a variety of different ways to promote your event and number of resources, both on and off-campus, to assist you in getting the word out!

  • Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

    Letters of recommendation are of great importance throughout life. Graduate and professional schools require them, as do most employers and many organizations. But do you know the etiquette of soliciting recommendations? Here are a few suggestions you should follow when requesting one.