AGRI002 Lecture Twelve, Week Beginning Monday April 25, 2005


Last Lecture, Labs end this week!


Attendance forms.

Final Lab Project Due Dates:

    Due: 4pm Friday April 29. If late -5% (-7.5 points) per day including Sat. & Sun.
Box in Morrill Lab for Drop Off.

    Absolute Deadline: 4pm Friday May 6 (-35%). No projects will be accepted after this date.

    -Last Lab assignment.  When you are finished, you don't need to go to lab.
    Until you are finished, you are expected to be in lab working on the project.  No labs next week.

    -Project is 150 points (~25% of course grade).

    -Graded Projects will be returned at the Final Exam


    Tuesday Section: 8AM Monday May 9, Stafford 101

    Thursday Section: 4PM Monday May 9, Lafayette 207

     Past Exams online: Exam 1, Exam 2, Older exams

READING: Study all readings, labs, and lecture notes, and videos for Final Exam

            Review of Video of History of Computing and the Internet


Buying a computer: Mice, Keyboards, PC World Pricing

History of the Computing Video