Second Exam, Thursday 31 March 2005

1.  According to the online reading about the Voyager II space probe, 
which of the following best describes the image compression method 
that was used?
	A)  Instead of using binary, the images were coded in 
		hexadecimal to save space.
	B)  The check-sum error checking method was used to 
		compress the files.
	C)  A reduced color palette was used, so only five bits 
		instead of eight were used for each pixel.
	D)  A run-time algorithm was used that kept track of how 
		many pixels had the same brightness value within a 
		row of pixels.
	E)  In each row, the first pixel was sent as 8-bits as a 
		reference, but only the difference in brightness 
		between adjacent pixels was sent for the rest of the 
2. Which of the following binary numbers is equivalent to decimal 
number 28?
	A)  10101
	B)  11010
	C)  10110
	D)  11100
	E)  11101
3.  Which of the following decimal numbers is equivalent to binary number 101011?
	A)  43 
	B)  47
	C)  51
	D)  57
	E)  39
4. Assuming your netID or zoo login user name was jstudent, which of the following is would be the correct path to enter or paste into the space where the red arrow is pointing in the image above, for you to open your /backup/ directory or folder on the backup disk array? A) http://fs/ B) /…/backup/fs/rackg2/ugrad/jstudent C) D) C:/Document&Setting/backup/jstudent E) /…/ 5. Here is a binary code for a bit-mapped (.bmp) pixel: 111111111111111100000000 Which of the following would be the color of the pixel? A) Cyan B) Green C) Yellow D) Red E) Magenta 6. Imagine you are hired by the new used CD store downtown to come up with a binary coding system for the store’s inventory of 15,000 discs. Which of the following would be the minimum number of bits you could use to code for the discs, so each disc would have its own unique binary number? A) 25 B) 9 C) 128 D) 14 E) 64
7. Which of the following best explains the biggest problem with the graph above? A) The graph should be a histogram. B) The graph should be a line graph. C) The graph should be a pie chart. D) The average hours sleep should be on the X axis, while the student number should be on the Y axis. E) There should be at least five bars displayed instead of just four. 8. Imagine you are investigating the effect of acetaminophen on heart rate in rats. You run your experiment on 1000 rats. The data are arranged as in this small section below: Rat Heart Rate Dose Number Resting (B/min) 5mg 10mg 15mg 1 200 198 203 197 2 223 227 224 194 . . . . . 1000 215 218 217 220 Which of the following types of graph would best communicate all the data above in one graph? A) Histogram B) Line graph with a line for each dose C) Box plot for each dose D) X-Y scatter plot E) Pie chart for each dose 9. Windows XP is to the computers in lab as which of the following is to the zoo cluster? A) public_html B) SSH-FTP C) Pine D) Unix (AIX) E) pico 10. Which of the following commands would you enter at your zoo> prompt to copy the file testquestion.txt from Dr. Leonard’s home directory to your own own directory? A) pip ~jleonard/testquestion.txt testquestion.txt B) copy testquestion.txt C) cp ~jleonard/testquestion.txt testquestion.txt D) /…/fs/jleonard/testquestion.txt copy E) get testquestion.txt ~jleonard 11. You get a summer internship with the Save the Turtles foundations where you are investigating the weight distribution of green turtle eggs. After the field work is done, the following data are given to you for graphing: Turtle egg number Weight in grams 1 13.25 2 17.11 3 12.87 . . 4370 13.67 Which of the following graph types would be best to show the results of the egg weight distribution? A) Pie graph B) Histogram C) Bar chart D) Line graph E) X-Y scatter plot 12. A friend comes to you for help with his web page. Your friend’s web page was working on his machine and he was able to view the image on his page in his room on his own PC with either Mozilla, or Internet Explorer. But, when he went to the computer lab, or the library, or any other computer, the image would not come up on the page. Here’s the source code from his html file: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content= "text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> </head> <body> <div align="Center">Final Exam Test Question<br> <img src="file:///C:/My%20Work/ /Fall%202005/test1.jpg" alt="alt" width="700" height="473"> <br> </div> </body> </html> Refer to the picture below:
12. According to the HTML code above, where will the browser look for the image file? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) None of the above 13. Following along from the previous question, where on the picture above SHOULD the image file be stored? A) A B) B C) C D) A or B E) None of the above
14. In the spreadsheet above, which of the following would be the appropriate formula to enter into the active cell so the total number of species would be calculated? A) +ADD(A5:A10) B) =(A5++B10) C) +SUM(B3-B11) D) =SUM(B5:B10) E) +B5:B11 15. According to the History of the Internet video we have been watching in class, which of the following historical events was the main motivating factor that drove the increase attention in the USA on science and technology that led to the funding of the first digital network of computers that later became the Internet? A) The “space race” with the Russians B) The Vietnam War C) The Chinese Communist Revolution D) The discovery of the 103rd chemical element E) The invention of the semiconductor “chip” 16. According to the reading, How Hackers Break In and How They are Caught, which of the following was the type of organization that the hacker broke into? A) Refrigerator business B) Personal Computer outlet store C) Defense department D) Insurance company E) University 17. Imagine a fellow classmate comes to you for help. She says that the Camel’s Hump image on her web page is not coming up when she goes to view the file in Mozilla. The source code for her file is as follows: <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>My Picture</TITLE></HEAD>> <BODY BACKGROUND=Sky3.gif> <CENTER> <H1>My Favorite Mountain</H1> <IMG SCR= CamelsHump.jpg></BODY> </HTML> Which of the following best explains why the image is not visible in Mozilla? A) Mozilla will not display .jpg files (although IE will). B) The image filename must be in lower case letters. C) The server is temporarily down. Wait a while and try again. D) The image tag is pointing to the hard drive instead of zoo. E) There is a spelling/syntax problem in the image tag. 18. According to convention, which of the following files would most likely NOT be an ASCII text file? A) Numbers.dat B) Mypage.html C) Email.txt D) MyBudget.xls E) .signature Answers: 1. E 2. D 3. A 4. E 5. C 6. D 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. C 11. B 12. A 13. C 14. D 15. A 16. A 17. E 18. D