1. Which of the following letter pairs represents FROM where and TO where file is going? A) A to B B) A to C C) B to D D) C to B E) D to A 2. According to the “Riding the Bear” video we have been watching in lecture, which of the following best explains how Microsoft made so much money in the 1980s? A) Microsoft sold MS-DOS software to clone makers for about $50 per PC sold. B) IBM used MS-DOS as the operating system in the IBM PC. For every IBM PC sold, Microsoft received royalties. C) Microsoft sold the processors that went into making the IBM PC. For every PC manufactured, Microsoft received $50. D) Microsoft owned the rights to CP/M, the dominant PC operating system in 1980. Microsoft re-wrote the code for CP/M and sold it outright to IBM for millions of dollars. E) Microsoft reverse-engineered the ROM-BIOS chip and was able to design it’s own PC and sold them for billions of dollars throughout the 1980s. 3. Imagine you were collecting data for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department over the summer. You are recording the number of peregrine falcon chicks that hatch in the few peregrine falcon nests in Vermont. Which of the following data type would best describe your data? A) Discrete quantitative data B) Ordinal data C) Attribute qualitative data D) Continuous measurement interval data E) Nominal data 4. According to the Units of Memory and Storage page, which of the following refers to “Exa” (as in ExaBits)? A) 1,000,000,000 (Billion) B) 1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) C) 1,000,000,000,000,000 (Quadrillion) D) 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Quintillion) E) 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Sextillion)
5. Which of the following best explains the biggest problem with the graph above? A) The legend is missing B) The method of escape should be arranged in alphabetical order on the X- axis C) The lines connecting the dots should be removed D) The graph should be a bar graph E) The graph should be an X-Y scatter plot 6. Which of the following lists of types of computers is arranged in the correct order from least to most powerful? A) Mini-computer, Super computer, PDA, Terminal, Network computer B) Super computer, Mini-computer, Network computer, PDA, Terminal C) PDA, Network computer, Mini-computer, Terminal, Super computer D) Terminal, PDA, Network computer, Mini-computer, Super computer E) Network computer, Super computer, Terminal, Mini-computer, PDA
7. Which of the letters in the image above points to the where memory modules would be installed? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) E 8. Which of the letters in the image above points to the ISA expansion slot bus? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) E
9. Which of the following is the port I showed you in the pictures above? A) Parallel port B) Network port C) Serial port D) Monitor port E) USB port 10. According to the first time line shown in class, which of the following is the approximate distance on the time line that represents the length of time that personal computers have been available? A) Ten meters B) One meter C) 70 centimeters D) Three centimeters E) Five millimeters 11. Directories are to Unix as which of the following are to Windows or MacOS? A) Drives B) Folders C) Memory Modules D) Spreadsheets E) Files 12. Imagine you were interested in the relationship between what year women won the right to vote in the countries of the world, and women literacy rate. Your hypothesis is that on average, countries where women won the right to vote early (before 1930) have a higher literacy rate (today) than those countries where women won the right to vote after 1931. You have access to women’s literacy rate today and year women earned the right to vote for all countries of the world, from the Population Reference Bureau. If you were constructing a graph, which of the following would be the most appropriate graph type to test your hypothesis? A) Bar chart B) Pie graph C) Line graph D) X-Y scatter plot E) Population pyramid 13. Which of the following activities will most likely infect your PC with a computer virus? A) Reformat an unlabeled diskette that you found lying around the computer lab. B) Visiting the www.uvm.edu website C) Copying a file from the hard drive to a diskette. D) Burning an audio CD from a friend. E) Opening an email attachment from an unknown sender.
14. In the conceptual picture above, which of the following is the letter that represents the place where your .signature file is stored? A) A B) B C) A or B D) A or C E) C or D 15. You are interested in improving your academic performance at UVM. You wonder if you are getting enough sleep, and how much sleep you can get away with and still do well. This interest leads you to investigate the relationship between academic performance and average hours of sleep. You survey 300 anonymous students and gather the following data: Student number GPA Av. Hours sleep per night 1 2.56 6.5 2 2.54 7.2 3 3.25 6.0 . . . 299 3.87 8.5 300 2.06 7.9 Which of the following types of graph would show the relationship between Grade Point Average (GPA) and average hours of sleep? A) Line Graph B) X-Y Scatter Plot C) Bar Chart D) Pie Graph E) Population Pyramid Answers: 1. E 2. A 3. A 4. D 5. D 6. D 7. B 8. C 9. B 10. D 11. B 12. D 13. E 14. E 15. B