Intermediate & Advanced Web Page construction
Remember: View Page Source

HTML Tag review: Barebones Guide to HTMLProjectCool's Tag ChartHTML Interactive Tutorial, HTML Made Easy

Examples of good web design.  Search the Web for examples: Google, Yahoo Web Design site.
    Joe Gillespie's Web Page Design for Designers
    Site Design by Web Monkey
    Quick Tips from ProjectCool

Animated gif files:   Animation City     Animation Factory
     Build your own with GIF Construction Set

Tables: Examples (view page source to see HTML) ,  Create Tables with Composer

Frames: Examples (view page source to see HTML),  See navigation bar on left example1, example2   student example, Tornado project.

Anchor Name tags, See example using Robert Service Poems,    JL's CV page.

Image maps:  Get the Shareware version of MapEdit.  Read how to use MapEdit.

JavaScripts (copy & paste): The JavaScript Source.

UVM's Hit counter (view page source)

Here's an example of an Image Map:  Get some pictures you can try here.
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