How to Use Mapedit to create Image Maps

1. Start by downloading and installing the Shareware version of Mapedit from  Boutell Software .

2.  Create an HTML file locally on your diskette or hard drive that has an image that you would like to image map.

3.  Open Mapedit and the Open file menu should come up.  Using the "Look in:" menu choose your HTML file that has the image you want to edit.

4.  Click on the image name you want to make an image map and choose OK.  the picture will come into the Mapedit space.

5.  Use the buttons on top of the Mapedit window to choose the shape of your map.  Click and drag the mouse to define the shape.

6.  When the shape has been defined, a dialog box will come up where you enter the URL to go to.  Then File-->Save HTML.

7.  Lastly, upload your HTML and image files and change the file permissions and you are done!