Using Netscape Composer

To create a new file:

    In Netscape Communicator, pull down the Communicator Window and Choose Composer (or Control-4).

    Then, type in text and use the pull-down menus and buttons on the toolbar to add links, images, tables, and control the text format.

To publish your page:

  Click on the Publish button.  Enter a Page Title and HTML filename if not already filled out.  In the HTTP or FTP Location to publish to: put and then the path to your public_html directory or sub-directory that you want to publish in.  You can see this if you login to zoo with telnet, cd public_html, and then type pwd.  The completed publish location will look something like:


You will also have to enter your zoo login name and password below.  Click on OK and in a few seconds the file, or files, will be uploaded.  Note you will still need to telnet to zoo and go into your public_html directory to change the file permissions with chmod 644 *.*

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