Northeasterly view of the intersection at Park and North Streets, L.L. McAllister, August 26, 1930

           Here we see a 1930 ¾ view McAllister took of 78 North Street shortly after completion of paving. In this view we see the shop with its awnings, as well as a Burlington Rapid Transit bus, the replacement for the street cars. There is also a fire hydrant in the foreground and traffic barricades.

           According to the National Register Nomination Continuation Sheet, 78 North Street was built c. 1888. As it appears on the 1898 Sanborn map, and as architectural evidence suggests much the same, this is an appropriate date for the structure. The structure started its existence as a shoes repair and grocery shop on the first floor, with apartments above and in an ell addition, the date of which has not yet been traced. After its life as a shoes repair shop, the shop space then became a barbershop. However, it is after 1930 that this little structure became a local landmark .{1}


{1}National Register of Historic Citations for the City of Burlington VT




Northeasterly view of the intersection at Park and North Streets, Michaela Hutchins, October 18, 2005. UTM coordinates (NAD 83) 0641584, 4927224.

           This present day image shows 78 North Street. We see that the store front no longer has awnings as well as the addition of traffic lights and signs and many automobiles.

           In 1933, Peter A. Colompos bought the building and ran it as a saloon. In 1936, Pete started to fly to Boston every Tuesday night to learn how to make ice cream from H.P. Hood. After he had mastered ice cream making, he converted the store into "Pete's Ice Cream". During the course of the next few years, the store changed names to Superior Home Ice Cream, and with that name change, the first creamee (Soft Serve) machine came to Burlington. After Pete's death in 1962, his wife took over the shop and renamed it "Mom's Grocery Shop". This lasted until 1971, when she leased it out. Today that shop is still known as Pete's Corner Store .{1}


{1}Historic Guide to Burlington Neighborhoods Vol. III By David J. Blow, Chitten County Historical Society 2003.


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