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...where you learn how to create Web pages and integrate the Web into your scholarly activities.

Publish on the World Wide Web

Developing your own Web pages at UVM is easy! This site provides step by step guides to help faculty, students, and staff publish course materials, syllabi, papers, departmental information, and more. If you are printing it on paper now, you can be publishing it online.

Using the Web for Research

The web offers a wealth of resources as well as access to more traditional forms of research material. These pages guide you through doing research on the web, with links to search sites, tips on evaluating sites, and information on how to make the most of your web research.

Online Tools for Teaching

A workshop on using and integrating technology tools in your courses. Included at this site are guides to creating web pages, examples of online course resource guides, links to information on listservs and newsgroups, as well as templates that you might use for your web pages. Visit this site if you want to learn how to bring the Internet into your course.

The Electronic Classroom

Bringing the computer into the classroom has proven difficult. But what about bringing the classroom into the computer? Enrich your teaching with the Internet. Visit this site to see how other higher education faculty at UVM and beyond are "going online."

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