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The Hall also leads to the greater world of the University of Vermont and beyond. Here are some older web sites that I have been involved in (in no particular order):

Presentations - over the years I have done presentations for a number of groups on a variety of web-related topics. This is simply my convenient way to link to a folder containing some of them.

Vermont Educational Telecommunications Consortium Web Site - an organization to encourage the use of telecommunication technologies in Vermont's K-12 classrooms. (The organization has changed its name and now has a new web site, so I've removed the link to the old site. The new organization is VITA-Learn: Vermont Information Technology Association for the Advancement of Learning.)

North American Web Courseware Developers Conference- program chair for NAWEB--this is the working site for the program committee. (also see NAWEB96 and NAWEB95).

 Take Our Daughters to Work Day, 1997 and 1998

 VETC Summer Institutes 1997: Internet Publishing II - four days of intense web activity with K-12 educators from throughout the state.

 Vermont Educational Telecommunications Consortium Summer Institutes 1996 - three one-week total immersion web development courses for K-12 teachers who are creating web sites for their schools.

 Mastering the Maze - a one-day in-house professional development day for UVM staff, this event has grown over the past few years. In addition to getting the conference materials online, I've done a variety of presentations as well as a pre-conference workshops for presenters on using HTML to create a slide show.

 Faculty Writing Program/First Year Experience Symposium - held at the Bishop Booth Conference center at Lake Champlain on May 24 and 25, 1995, this symposium brought together faculty, deans and leading administrators. The purpose was to investigate ways to improve teaching, with a focus on enhancing the educational experience for first year students.

 Graduate Research Day 1995 - A one day seminar exploring the work of graduate students at UVM. Includes schedule and abstracts for presentations and posters.

 UVM Buildings - a rainy day lunch experiment put together in response to some discussion on UVMTODAY, our campus discussion list, about the history of some of our campus buildings.

 Hope Hall for the Humanities 





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