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<>dSpace, ContentDM: UVM continues to experiment with digital collections. Our latest efforts are being housed in two places: http://contentdm.uvm.edu and http://badger.uvm.edu/dspace (2004-2005)

UVM Digitization Center

Several groups at UVM are working on digital image collections. We are continuing to coordinate our efforts to determine what tools and techniques will best serve the university in this area. (2003-2005)

The UVM Electronic Text Center

Recently I have been devoted to developing and supporting scholarly electronic text collections at UVM. The current collection contains several projects from myself and from faculty and students at UVM. (2000-2005)

Godey's Lady's Book

This popular 19th century magazine published by Louis A. Godey and edited by Sarah J. Hale, reflected and helped define the popular culture of the day through its fiction (much of it written by women), non-fiction, fashion, and advice on domestic concerns and child rearing. (1995-2000)

Ovid: The Metamorphoses

Drawn from the University of Vermont's extensive collection of illustrated Ovid, this site currently includes images by the 17th century engraver, Johannes Baur, as well as the text from the Metamorphoses. (1994-1997)

Historic Preservation of Barns

In the summer of 1994 the Department of Historic Preservation offered a course in historic barns taught by Interim Director Tom Visser. This selection of materials includes the syllabus and pictures from some of the barns examined. (1994)

The Barns of Underhill

The Vermont town of Underhill, like many towns in the Burlington area, has been changing from an agricultural-based community to a commuter community. The barns and farm buildings have been the victimes of this change. This study surveys the barns remaining in Underhill. (1995)

History Review

The University of Vermont's Department of History publishes a Student Review containing selected articles by graduate and undergraduate students. This is the 1994 edition.


Art Hall

The students of Art 144, a computer art course taught by Cynthia Rubin, created this Web art gallery of their works during the Fall 1994 semester. This growing gallery now contains the work from Spring 1995 with plans to continue expanding during the coming year.

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