The Ovid Project: Baur, 1703, Book 6

With accompanying text "translated into English verse under the direction of Sir Samuel Garth by John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Joseph Addison, William Congreve and other eminent hands" from 1713. (About the text)

Note on the format: The Metamorphoses are divided into 15 books. These images follow the same pattern. Each of the images below is linked to a larger version of the image. Each of the latin texts below is linked to the section of the poem that relates to that image.

Book the Sixth

PALLAS, attending to the Muse's song,
Approv'd the just resentment of their wrong;
And thus reflects: While tamely I commend
Those who their injur'd deities defend,
My own divinity affronted stands,
And calls aloud for justice at my hands;
Then takes the hint, asham'd to lag behind,
And on Arachne' bends her vengeful mind;
One at the loom so excellently skill'd,
That to the Goddess she refus'd to yield.

Plate 55: Pallas Arachnenin araneam transmutat

Plate 56: Superba Niobe cum filiis interimetur a Phoebo et Diana

Plate 57: Inhumani Agrestes in ranas

Plate 58: Superbus Marsyas a Phoebo exoriatur

Plate 59: Tereus Philomelam violavit et reclusit

Plate 60: Progne ultrix trucidata sobole cum Philomela et Tereo in aues

Plate 61: Orithyia a Borea rapta

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