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Student Adventures in Asia 2012

James Dopp Southwestern China


Alumni news!  James Dopp (Chinese/Asian Studies, 2010) won a Fulbright research grant for 2012-2013 and sent this update to us from the field.





Grace Dorfman visiting the Daibutsu in Kamakura



Grace Stanford, winner of the 2013 Claire M. Lintilhac Memorial Award for Excellence in Asian Studies, shares her study abroad experience in Mishima, Shizuoka.







Luke Dorfman at Buddhist Monastery


Luke Dorfman shares his travel-study experience in Nepal in summer 2012.





Michael Hoffman


Michael Hoffman takes a winter break in China...






Molly Thurlow in Japan


Molly Thurlow shares highlights from her year abroad at Toyo University in Tokyo.






Will Liew with Host Family


Will Liew returns to Japan in 2012 and has the time of his life!

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