Earth Materials

Welcome to the home page for the Spring 2011 Earth Materials Class.   Here you will find all of the supporting lecture notes, homework files, and other materials as we go through them.

Syllabus:  Click HERE to download

The solutions to the mid-term exam can be found HERE

Final exam is Friday, May 13th, 1:30 - 4:!5 pm, in Delehanty 219

Lecture Powerpoint Files:
Lecture Topic

Book chapter : pages
Ch. 1, p. 1-7, 12-17
Big 10 Minerals
Ch. 1
Elements and bonding download Ch. 8, 149-162
Pauling's Rules download Ch. 8, 162-165
Mineral chemistry & stoichiometry download Ch. 10, 197-213
Crystallization download Ch. 10, 197-213
Mineral Assembly & Polymorphs Ch. 2, p. 34-40
Chemical Analysis of Minerals download Ch. 9
Symmetry download Ch 12,  258-273
Crystallography Ch. 12, 273-305
Optics Introduction, orthoscopic microscopy download Ch. 16
Optical Indicatrix, Conoscopic microscopy download Ch. 17, 18
download Ch. 22
Silicates II download Ch. 22
Mineral phase diagrams
Igneous rocks
Metamorphic reactions download
Metamorphic Minerals
Weathering download
Sedimentary minerals
Ore deposits download
Sulfide & Oxide Minerals download
Acid Mine Drainage
Asbestos Minerals and Health
Meteorites & Mantle Materials download


Homework 1 is a normalization exercise - click HERE to download
This is due by Friday, February 4th

Gems Homework can be found here, the supporting information can be seen by clicking here, or visiting

Lab Stuff:

Click here for an excel sheet for use in our Forensic Mineralogy Lab

Clich here for the sheet of Harmann-Maughin symbols