VBFG Email List

The Vermont Beginning Fruit Grower (VBFG) email list is a two-way communications platform designed to facilitate collaboration between prospective, beginning, and experienced apple and grape growers in Vermont.

Code of Conduct

This list is lightly moderated, participants are expected to uphold four simple rules of conduct:

  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. This is an evidence- and science-based forum, please share knowledge and experiences that can be backed up though objective assessment.
  3. While we do encourage users of this list to buy/sell/swap materials and services among one another that will improve their farm sustainability, but please refrain from crass commercialization.
  4. Please refrain from discussions of political, religious, and other sensitive matters. Discussion should be solely around fruit production and related agricultural and business management issues.

Manage Your Subscription

You can manage your subscriptions by sending commands to listserv@list.uvm.edu, placing your command in the body of the message. Make sure your "From:" address is the one you want to use with the list.

To subscribe to the VBFG list:

Send this command: subscribe VBFG Myfirstname Mylastname

To unsubscribe from the VBFG list:

Send this command: unsubscribe VBFG

List Maintenance

The list is maintained by the UVM Fruit Program, and staff within the program reserve the right to edit or delete posts or to suspend or expel members who do not follow those rules.

Questions about the list can be sent to UVM Fruit Program Director Dr. Terence Bradshaw at tbradsha@uvm.edu.

Funding for VBFG initially provided by Vermont Agency of Agriculture / USDA Specialty Crops Block Grant Program 02200-SCBGP-14-4.