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Pest Management Considerations in Vermont Apple Orchards

Terence Bradshaw, University of Vermont Apple Program Research Specialist

Disease and Insect Management -- Using an IPM approach

IPM stands for integrated pest management which is an approach to managing pests (i.e., insects, mites, disease-causing organisms, mice, etc.) which combines biological, cultural, physical, and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks.

It is a significant challenge to produce a high quality apple crop while minimizing spraying. A high level of knowledge of the crop, the various pests, the beneficial organisms, and how they interact and affect each other within the apple ecosystem is required.

There are many insects and diseases which attack the various parts of apple trees. Various degree-day models, monitoring techniques and action thresholds have been developed to aid in IPM decision-making. Disease risk can be reduced by planting disease-resistant apple cultivars which are commercially available. However, depending on your marketing goals, these may not be appropriate for your orchard. Disease-resistant apple cultivars are highly recommended for those considering organic apple production.

Information about the various insects and diseases which you will have to manage can be found on the Tree Fruit IPM website:

A synopsis of key arthropod and diseases affecting apples can be found at:

An IPM Checklist of management items for consideration during the year is at:

It is highly recommended that all orchardists obtain education and training in the safe use and storage of pesticides. Information on how to obtain your Vermont Pesticide Application License is at:

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