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July 4th, 2001

  • On July 3-4, 2001 a meeting will be held at ICARDA located in Aleppo, Syria to finalize plans for an extensive research project dealing with the IPM of Sunn Pest.  This project, funded by DFID, will involve collaborative research including work on biological control with parasites, predators and entomopathogenic fungi, pheromone investigations, economic analyses, development of resistant varieties of wheat etc.
  • Recent reports from Kazakhstan indicate on average 2-3 million hectares of wheat are affected by Sunn Pest each year.

Sunn Pest gregariously
feeding on wheat
  • Samples taken in a Sunn Pest overwintering site at Tel Hadya, Syria revealed that emigration from fields had started on/before  May 31, 2001.

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