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This is an internet network for those interested in Sunn Pest research and management.  It was established to improve communication around the world among those involved directly or indirectly with Sunn Pest in cereal crops.  It is intended to be used by subscribers for exchanging information on the biology, ecology, survey, detection and management of this serious pest.  The network may also be used to post questions, inform subscribers of conferences and job opportunities or any matters related to Sunn Pest.  Subscription to this network is free and is open to anyone in the world.  You are invited to join this information network and may do so by sending a request to Dr. Margaret Skinner at the following address

Sunn Pest feeding 
on wheat

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Refer requests to:
Dr. Bruce Parker and Dr. Margaret Skinner
Entomology Research Laboratory
University of Vermont
661 Spear St.
Burlington, VT, USA 05405

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