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Eurygaster integriceps
Carpocoris sp.
Aelia sp. Aelia furcula

Difference life stages of Dolycoris sp.
Adult Sunn Pests 
mating on wheat.
Sunn Pest eggs
Eggs and nymphs on wheat

Egg parasitoids
E. integriceps nymphs 
on wheat 
Eggs and nymphs 
on wheat
E. integriceps
on wheat

Newly molted 
E. integriceps
feeding on wheat
feeding on wheat
 Sunn Pest inserting
stylet into wheat

Adult on wheat
feeding on wheat
Sunn Pest damage Sunn Pest damage

Collecting Sunn Pest in an irrigated field Overwintering Site
Children at 
overwintering site
ICARDA scientist 
studying effects of fungi 
on Sunn Pest

Collecting Sunn Pest Dry farming conditions Collecting Sunn Pest at overwintering site Infected Sunn Pest

A series of infected 
Sunn Pests 
Infected Sunn Pest Infected Sunn Pest
Double rainbow over
Silk Road in Syria
Damaged wheat kernels
Land use in
Khorasan Province
Netting Sunn Pest in
Khorasan Province

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