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What Are Our Workshops About ?
We have been holding the Tri-State Greenhouse IPM Workshops for over 20 years in ME, NH and VT. From the written comments and personal conversations in the post-workshop evaluations, it is clear that these workshops are directly responsible for reducing grower reliance on chemical pesticides and increasing their use of IPM, especially biological controls and biorational compounds for pest management. These evaluations and the number of returning growers year after year show that we are having an impact on their practices that are good for the environment, human health and their businesses. This sucess would not be possible without our Tri-state collaboration involving growers, state Departments of Agriculture and Extension systems and exciting guest speakers that join us. Each year we include a variety of hands on and lecture style topics such as greenhouse scouting methods, proper sanitation and cultural management, nutrient deficiencies, diseases, pest and biological control identification, current research results in greenhouse IPM related topics, and beyond.

If you are interested in attending or being a presenter at this workshop, please contact Cheryl Frank Sullivan.

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