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We work to promote the greater adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for greenhouse & high tunnel growers throughout ME, NH & VT by providing technical assistance & hands-on IPM education.


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"Greenhouse Manager's Guide to Integrated Pest Management in Northern New England".
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"Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a way to manage arhtropod pests and diseases on crops by combining several complimentary strategies such as sanitation, nutrient monitoring, pest detection,  incorporation of biological controls & habitat manipulation. Least toxic chemical pesticides may be used, but only when necessary”
This site was prepared with input from the Tri-State Greenhouse IPM Advisory Group
'meeting the needs of growers through hands on workshops and the identification of key research priorities'
Margaret Skinner, UVM
Cheryl E. Frank Sullivan, UVM
Bruce L. Parker, UVM
Linda Boccuzzo, VT Dept. Agric & Markets
Tim Schmalz, VT Dept.Agric. & Markets
Jim Dill, Univ. of ME
Kathy Murray, ME Dept. Agric
New Hampshire
Alan Eaton, Univ. of NH
Cheryl Smith, Univ. of NH
Chris Schlegel, D.S. Cole Growers
Jeff Huntington, Pleasant View Gardens
Piera Siegert, NH Dept. Agric. & Markets

For more information, please contact: Margaret Skinner, (802) 656-5440
 or Cheryl Frank Sullivan, (802) 656-5434
Last Update June 2017

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