Thank You All Who Attended!

Highlights from 2014!

Workshop Announcement

Presenters & Organizers


Participants Lists: ME, NH, VT

This year's special guests were
Carol Glenister
from IPM Laboratories, Inc., Locke, NY who presented on how to make pest management decisions on banker and guardian plant systems. Click HERE for her presentaion.  Please view these supporting worksheets: Banker Plant Decisions     Guardian Plant Decisions   

and Janet Lamborn from Agdia, Inc./Agdia Testing Services, Elkhart, IN demonstrated how to test plants for pathogens using Immunostrip test kits.

Other presentations were given by the following:

Creating Happy Healthy Plants: Brian Krug 
and UNH Greenhouse & FloricultureCheryl Smith UNH Plant Diagnostic Lab demonstrated the role of media selection and care, pot selection and watering practices in the development of root diseases.

Protecting Your Plants Using Plant-Mediated IPM Systems by Cheryl E Frank Sullivan, UVM Entomology Laboratory.
Chick HERE for her presentation.

Three Invasive Pests in ME, NH & VT by Alan Eaton, UNH. Click HERE for his presentation.

Amynthas agrestis, Not Your Parent's Earthworm by Josef Gorres, UVM (Presented in VT only). Click HERE for his presentation.

Informational Handouts

Granular Formulations of Insect-killing Fungi with Plant-Mediated IPM Systems for Thrips

Plant-Mediated IPM Systems Explained

Current & On-going Greenhouse Research at UVM ERL

Aphid Banker Plant System for Greenhouse IPM, Step by Step

Hyperparasites of Aphid Banker Plant Systems

Aphid Guard Banker Plant Instructions from IPM Laboratories, Inc.

Want to be Part of the Action? Form

Predatory Mites vs. Grain Mites ID

Pest ID on Sticky Cards 1

Pest ID on Sticky Cards 2

Magnifiers & Other Visual Aids for Insect Monitoring

Novel Approaches to Improve Energy Efficiency in Northern New England Greenhouses

Invasive Earthworms Factsheet

Disease Diagnosis Forms for ME, NH & VT

Extra Special Thanks to Longfellow's Greenhouse (Maine), The University of New Hampshire,  and Gardeners Supply Company (Vermont) for the generous use of their facilities to host this event.

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Join our NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND GREENHOUSE GROWERS NETWORK called GREENGROWER!!! This is a internet service to promote communication on greenhouse pest management among growers, extension specialists and researchers in ME, NH & VT. Please contact Cheryl E. Frank Sullivan at UVM if you would like to join.

If you have additional questions about the workshop, please contact Cheryl E. Frank Sullivan at UVM.