The Films & Novels of Stephen King Syllabus
Summer Session 2000
Prof. Tony Magistrale--311 Old Mill 656-1356;

Required texts to be purchased:                                                 Coming Events   Bibliography
Magistrale, Stephen King:  The Second Decade
King, The Shining
King, Skeleton Crew
King, Gerald's Game
King, Hearts in Atlantis

All titles are available from the University Bookstore University Bookstore (802) 656-3290 ext. 205.

Grading: An oral report in-class presentation followed by a written epistolary-form "Dear Tony . . ." response (2-3 pages) due within 24 hours after delivering the oral itself. The oral report is intended to introduce to the class a single, specific element of the film or fiction under discussion for a particular morning  The report should be 10-15 minutes in length and SHOULD NOT attempt to summarize plot or character.  Instead, students should attempt to analyze a certain part of the novel, story, or film--a presentation that reflects an awareness of detailing  Choose a topic, paragraph, question that interests, confuses, connects to other things from the course  Work with the person(s) who will also be presenting on the same text.  Discuss in advance of the day of the oral report who will cover what aspects, etc.  The written portion should summarize your report, but also provide a greater sense of breadth--what did you learn from the class that deepened, challenged, or supported your interpretation?--after delivering the oral presentation.

The subject matter for the final paper is entirely your choice. Topics should, however, be appropriate for a 6-10 page literary-film analysis. Here are some example papers that students have written in the past: "Carrie and Cinderella: A Study of Fairy Tales," "Al Shockley's Role in The Shining," "E.A. Poe's Influence on Gerald's Game," "Entries From the Journal of Wendy Torrance," "Writing as a Means for Recovery in Gerald's Game," The Guards in Green Mile and Shawshank"  A Comparison."

Schedule of Coming Events:                                                                                     Top of Page

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 
Oral report sign-up
Magistrale, pp.1-46
Film:  Carrie 
discussion of Carrie
first half of The Shining
second half of The Shining Guest lecture with Samantha Figliola, Stephen King scholar.
Film: The Shining 
Whose Shining is it?: discussion of Kubrick's The Shining
Skeleton Crew: stories TBA: but definitely The Monkey, The Raft, The Mist?
Skeleton Crew: Stories TBA: Nona, Survivor Type, The Reach; Magistrale, pps. 86-99.
Film: The Shawshank Redemption
discussion of The Shawshank Redemption
Film: The Green Mile
discussion of The Green Mile
first half of Gerald's Game
second half of Gerald's Game 
Film: Dolores Claiborne 
discussion of film Dolores Claiborne
First page of Final Paper Due
first half of Hearts in Atlantis
second half of Hearts in Atlantis
By way of some conclusions... In class Writing Workshop:  bring multiple copies of paper drafts to class; Magistrale, pps. 149-59

You are free to leave the Overlook!  If you can . . .
A Seminal Selected Bibliography for the Gothic (books to have in your possession in addition to garlic and holy water):

Auerbach, Nina. Our Vampires, Ourselves, 1995                                                              Top of Page
Badley, Linda. Writing Horror and the Body: The Fiction of Stephen King,
Clive Barker, and Anne Rice , 1996
Botting, Gothic, 1996
Carroll, Noel. The Philosophy of Horror, or Paradoxes of the Heart, 1990
Creed, Barbara. The Monstrous-Feminine: Film, Feminism, and Pyschoanalysis, 1993
Edmundson, Mark. Nightmare on Main Street: Angels, Sadomasochism, and the Culture of the
   Gothic, 1997
Frank, Fred. Guide to the Gothic: An Annotated Bibliography, 1995
Gelder, Ken. Reading the Vampire, 1994
Grant, Barry Keith. ed The Dread of Difference: Gender and the Horror Film, 1996
Grixti, Joseph. Terrors of Uncertainty: Cultural Contexts for Horror Fiction,1989
Halberstam, Judith. Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and the Technology of
   Monsters, 1995
Lovecraft, H.P. Supernatural Horror in Literature, 1973
Magistrale, Tony, ed. The Dark Descent: Essays Defining Stephen King's
   Horrorscape, 1992
------------. Stephen King: The Second Decade, 1992.
Praz, Mario. The Romantic Agony , 1970
Rosenheim, Shawn and Stephen Rachman, eds.. The American Face of E.A. Poe, 1995
Skal, David. The Monster Show: A Cultural History , 1993
------------- . Hollywood Gothic: Dracula from Stage to Screen
Snef, Carol. The Vampire in 19th Century English Literature, 1988
Twitchell, James. The Living Dead: A Study of the Vampire in Romantic Literature, 1981
Wood, Robin. Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan, 1986 (see chapters of
   horror in the 1980s)

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