The Master of Horror Visits the University of Vermont
March 29th and 30th, 1999
Buckham Honor Seminar: Stephen King--Sponsored by the Buckham Teaching Innovation Fund
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The Seminar Class:

Picture of Tony Magistrale and Stephen King

Tony Magistrale (left) and Stephen King (right) after the Buckham Seminar Class.

Picture of Dawn Pelkey,  Stephen King and TonyMagistrale

Dawn with the King of Horror and the Guru of Goth

Pictureof Stephen King and Tony Magistrale andStudents

Ed Pick, Maura McHugh and Emma Strahs with Tony Magistrale and Stephen King.

he English Department Brunch:

Picture of Stephen King

A close up.

Picture ofStephen King as Mr. Bagel

Mr. Bagel entertains at brunch. Watch out Liz!

Picture of Stephen King and NickPetrie

Nick Petrie, looking a little scared standing next to the King of Horror (Keep in mind that Nick is an aspiring actor).

Dinner at Smokejacks Restaurant:

Picture of group with StephenKing

Students listen attentively to Stephen King during dinner. Clockwise: Stephen King, Jenn Edwardson, Amy Hepburn, Ben Rameaka, David Schmidt, Nick Stephany, Jodi Marino, Jenney Izzo, Jami Kupperman and Brian Connell

Picture ofStephen King with Liz Fenton, Heidi Berkowitz, Jason Whipple andBen Rameaka

Liz Fenton, Heidi Berkowitz, Stephen King, Jason Whipple and Ben Rameaka after dessert.

Adrienne Bale managed to duck my camera during Mr. King's entire visit so is missing from this page, but not from our memories. All other class members appear at least once.

All photos by Dawn Pelkey © 1999 except Dawn, Tony and Steve taken by Maura McHugh. If you use my photos on your website, please give me credit. Hard copy publication requires my permission in advance. Thanks.

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