Colchester Reef

View approaching the Colchester Reef meteorological  stationVMC Personnel performing maintenance activities at Colchester Reef meteorological station

View of meteorological instruments at Colchester Reef station

In July 1996, the first of two new VMC meteorological stations was established, with the cooperation of the US Coast Guard station in Burlington, on the navigational warning light tower at Colchester Reef. This permanent weather station was established with funds from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, the Lake Champlain Research Consortium, and NOAA. The station provides state-of-the-art monitoring for meteorological variables including wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, total solar irradiance, and water temperature. This station came into existence through the coordinated efforts of several groups of scientists studying the movement of atmospheric and water pollutants in the Lake Champlain Basin. These data from Lake Champlain will also benefit other groups such as the Champlain Water District, recreational and commercial boaters, tourists, and the National Weather Service.

Data are automatically downloaded via radio frequency (RF) modems from the Campbell CR10X datalogger to a base station in the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory at UVM. Downloading of data occurs hourly with (4) 15 minute average records collected and stored during each downloading cycle. Data are available in an hourly or daily format from the VMC Data Manager. The National Weather Service provides an hourly updated summary of the most recent 15 minute average data on the World Wide Web at: An hourly summary of the most recent data is also provided by the Burlington Eco Info Project at: Archived meteorological data from July 1996 to present are available online at the VMC web site.

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