University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Visiting Scientist from Upstate Medical University to Host Presentation

On Monday, January 30, the CNHS Department of Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences will host Dr. Steven Goodman from the SUNY Syracuse, Upstate Medical University. Dr. Goodman’s talk, entitled “Biomarkers for Sickle Cell Severity," is at 12 p.m. in Davis Auditorium.  Dr. Goodman will also be available for one hour after his talk to meet with students and others to discuss his research as well as biomedical research opportunities at SUNY Syracuse. Students may have an opportunity to meet with Dr Goodman one-on-one in the morning or afternoon depending on his final itinerary. Dr. Goodman is Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at Upstate Medical University. He is also Vice President of Research and Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Pediatrics. For more information, email