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Karen V. Lomond, PhD

Karen V. Lomond, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Physiotherapy

Karen Lomond

Phone: (989) 774-2687

As a member of Central Michigan University's Movement Analysis Center and an Assistant Professor in the School of Health Sciences, Dr. Lomond's research focuses on understanding the interaction between posture and movement coordination in persons with and without disease and injury. Dr. Lomond's work is based in the tools of biomechanics - using electromyography, 3-D kinematics/kinetics and rigid body modeling to track the coordination of movement in the laboratory. Populations of interest include primarily those with chronic musculoskeletal pain (i.e., non-specific low back pain and neck/shoulder pain) and some populations with neurological disorders (i.e., Multiple Sclerosis or Essential Tremor). Dr. Lomond's work aims to quantify movement patterns in these populations to better understand movement variability and how movement patterns may contribute to or exacerbate disease/injury. The long-term goal of this body of work is to help translate this knowledge of posture and movement coordination patterns into evidence-based diagnostic exams and clinical tools to better characterize and track patient movement patterns over the course of treatment. Graduate students interested in collaborating directly with Dr. Lomond may apply to Central Michigan University's Masters in Health and Exercise Sciences.

Research Interests

Movement Impairments Associated with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
Developing Tools to Quantify Movement Impairments in Clinical Settings
Role of Postural Coordination in Low Back Pain


Ph.D., McGill University, 2012
M.S., McGill University, 2006
B.S., Acadia University, 2003

Selected Publications

Lomond, K.V., Henry, S.M., Jacobs, ​J.V., Hitt, J.R., DeSarno, M.J., and Bunn, J.Y. (2013). Effects Stabilization or Movement-System-Impairment treatments of low back pain on anticipatory postural adjustments: a randomized, controlled trial. Submitted to: Physical Therapy Journal, 2013.

Jacobs, J.V., Henry, S.M., Lomond, K.V., Hitt, J.R., DeSarno, M.J., and Bunn, J.Y. (2013). Effects of low back pain and of Stabilization or Movement-System - Impairment treatments on induced postural responses: a randomized, controlled trial. Submitted to: Physical Therapy Journal, 2013.

Lomond, K.V., Henry, S.M., Hitt, J.R., DeSarno, M.J., and Bunn, J.Y. Altered postural responses persist following physical therapy of general versus specific trunk exercises in people with low back pain. Submitted to: Manual Therapy, 2013.

Lomond, K.V.,Henry, S.M., Jacobs, J.V., Hitt, J.R., Horak, F.B., Cohen, R.B, Schwartz, D., Dumas, J.A., Naylor, M.R., Watts, R, and DeSarno, M.J. (2013). Protocol to assess the neurophysiology associated with multi-segmental postural coordination. Physiological Measurement. (Abstract).

Lomond, K.V. Côté, J.N.(2011). Shoulder functional assessments in persons with chronic neck/shoulder pain and healthy subjects: reliability and effects of movement repetition. Work (February).

Lomond, K.V. & Côté, J.N. (2010). Differences in posture–movement changes induced by repetitive arm motion in healthy and shoulder-injured individuals. Clinical Biomechanics. (Abstract)

Lomond, K.V. Côté, J.N. (2010). Movement timing and reach to reach variability during a repetitive reaching task in persons with chronic neck/shoulder pain and healthy subject. Experimental Brain Research, 206(3), pp. 271-282,.

Fuller, J.R., Lomond, K.V., Fung, J., & Côté, J.N. (2008). Posture-movement changes following repetitive motion-induced shoulder muscle fatigue. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, (Abstract)

Lomond, K.V., Turcotte, R.A., & Pearsall, D.J. (2007). Blade position and orientation during an ice hockey slap shot.Sports Engineering, 10, pp. 87-100.

Professional Affiliations

2009 - present: International Society for Gait and Posture Research
2008 - present: International Association for the Study of Pain
2004 - 06: Canadian Society of Biomechanics
2003 - 04: International Society of Biomechanics in Sports

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