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Quick Facts about COACH

Quick Facts about COACH for Families and Guardians

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What is COACH?

COACH stands for Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children. COACH is a planning tool used by education teams and families for students with a wide range of developmental disabilities (ages 3 to 21). It promotes an inclusive education model and assists families and school professionals to collaborate by using a clear, methodical way of gathering, recording and organizing information about a child.

COACH, now in its 3rd Edition, was developed by authors Michael Giangreco Ph.D., Chigee Cloninger Ph.D., Virginia Salce Iverson M.Ed., of the University of Vermont, Center on Disability and Community Inclusion.

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Why would a family be interested in COACH?

In the COACH planning process, a family interview is used to identify and record what the family’s goals are for their child. The family interview helps by recognizing the family’s ideas and priorities as being an important contribution to the child’s educational plan. This interview helps everyone on the team to clearly understand what it is the family believes are the most important factors for their child to be successful in learning.

There are other parts of the COACH process that help the school team determine accommodations and create a strong plan for the student to reach his/her educational goals. These written ideas are then incorporated into the student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

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How does the I-Team assist a school team with COACH?

The I-Team Education Consultants (and the Family Resources Consultants) often help school teams by providing guidance and leadership for the team to complete a COACH process. Often the I-Team Education Consultants can perform the family interview, enabling the family to more comfortably communicate their ideas and desires for their child.

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Quick Facts about COACH COACH, 3rd Edition, is available in Workbook format from Brookes Publishing Company. Please click here to order COACH3 at Brookes Publishing Company.

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