The I-Team provides technical assistance to teams supporting students with intensive needs.

The student's support team collaborates with I-Team personnel in creating a package of services that they believe will give each student the best outcome in terms of education, communication, and independence.


What does technical assistance look like?

The I-Team model promotes building the capacity of the local team based on identified outcomes.

This is best accomplished by a combination of consultation, coaching, and training of the individuals who regularly interact with the student.

Technical Assistance for School Teams includes:

  • Increased membership & participation
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Person-centered planning
  • Curriculum-based instructional planning
  • Collaborative teaming & decision-making
  • IEP development & implementation
  • Family support
  • A custom package of services based on best practices and family goals


Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Assistance

Who is technical assistance for?

Technical assistance is for Vermont children and youth ages 3-22 who:

  • Have an IEP
  • Learn at a significantly slower rate than their peers
  • Do not maintain learned skills
  • Experience difficulty generalizing skills
  • Are often nonverbal
  • Are challenged in learning both academic and daily living skills

Please note: Children under the age of three receive services from our I-Team Early Intervention Project.

How can I request technical assistance?

Each year, the student’s case manager must complete a Request for Technical Assistance. This form must also be signed by the student's Local Education Agent (LEA) and by the student's parent/guardian before services can be initiated. 

This request is known as a "referral", and we encourage teams to submit their referrals for technical assistance using our online system.

Submit a technical assistance referral

If you are any one of these parties, please recognize that we will need the completed request plus the two signatures before we can move forward with providing technical assistance to a student. Families interested in having their child receive I-Team services should speak with their school team.

Forms for requesting technical assistance:

We recognize this process can be challenging, so we encourage all parties to reach out to Valerie LeClair for questions or general support, via this contact form, or by phone at (802) 656-4031.

In what locations is technical assistance available?

The I-Team provides technical assistance to teams all around the state of Vermont.

Each of Vermont's five regions has its own educational consultant -- who provides extensive skill and knowledge to IEP and school teams -- and its own family resource consultant, who provides support to families through first-hand experience.

I-Team Consultants by Region






Jacqueline Feiss
Valerie Richardson
Lisa Woodward
Paula ManziMary Ellen Seaver-Reid
Tammy Willey
Tammy MyersLea Pettis


How much does technical assistance cost?

Fees for FY23 have not yet been determined. We anticipate this information to be updated on March 25, 2022.

The yearly fee includes on-site and distance based technical assistance from I-Team consultants up to 25 hours. The level of technical assistance is dependent on the needs of the student, the family, and the student's educational team. Once the needs are collaboratively identified, I-Team Consultants provide technical assistance monitored through a student action plan.

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Questions about technical assistance?


Valerie LeClair(She / Her)

I-Team Referral Specialist




NEW: IEP language amendment

In order for I-Team services to be reimbursable by VT-AOE, the services must be included in the IEP agreement.

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