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Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) have completed graduate-level academic and clinical training, and provide direct patient care in a broad range of medical settings, including private practice, hospitals, birth centers, nursing homes, and community health centers.  APRNs include:

College graduates with a B.A. or B.S. can enter the field through a master’s entry graduate program in nursing (MENP).  You should be aware that that there is a national movement toward requiring NPs to earn a doctorate, and some schools are transitioning their master’s programs accordingly.   Read about more nursing career specialties.


Pre-requisite coursework can vary from program to program, so students are encouraged to review school-specific requirements.

Common Required or Recommended Coursework Includes:


Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

ANPS 19 & 20

Microbiology with Lab

MMG 101

Chemistry with Lab


Nutrition  NFS 43
Statistics STAT 141 or 111

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Pursue relevant health care experience to test and inform your career goals.  Consider volunteering or working in a hospital, community clinic, shelter, summer camp or non-profit healthcare organization.  Maintain a journal to log your hours and keep record of your observations and insights.  You might consider training and working as a Licensed Nurse Assistant to test the waters, while earning an income.  Training and employment opportunities can be found in hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and home health agencies. 

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You will want to submit three letters of recommendation with your application, and two of these should be academic.  Choose reference providers who know you well and will support your candidacy with enthusiasm.

Some schools require an entrance exam, most commonly the GRE.  Check school-specific requirements.  Plan to take the exam by early fall in the year of application.  

Approximately 130 schools currently subscribe to NursingCAS, a centralized application service for graduate nursing programs. Candidates applying to those schools begin with the initial centralized application, and then may submit a school-specific or secondary application. Candidates should apply to non-member schools directly. 

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Most application deadlines are set in fall/winter for summer/fall enrollment.  Check school-specific deadlines, and plan to apply early in the cycle, as some schools follow a rolling admissions process.

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