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collection of photos from the farm, class and hands-on field work "I love my teachers - they're great, and so knowledgeable. I wouldn't change my major for the world, it's giving me a broad base in the life sciences, and I can go on to do so many different things." ~ Anonymous, Junior, Pre-Veterinarian, Biochemistry student.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers a diverse selection of majors that encompass everything from the study of cells to society. Whether your interest is in basic science, applied science or linking the applied to social science, our majors cover a broad range of topics in the agriculture and life sciences arena. Students in most majors are permitted a great deal of latitude in the choice of courses and may emphasize a range of options to meet personal goals.

Majors Profile Catalogue information
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Overview Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Biochemistry Overview Biochemistry
Biological Science Overview Biological Science
Community Entrepreneurship Overview Community Entrepreneurship
Community and International Development Overview Community and International Development
Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science
Overview Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Sciences
Ecological Agriculture Overview Ecological Agriculture
Environmental Sciences Overview Environmental Sciences
Environmental Studies Overview Environmental Studies
Microbiology Overview Microbiology
Molecular Genetics Overview Molecular Genetics
Nutrition and Food Sciences Overview Nutrition and Food Sciences
Plant Biology Overview Plant Biology
Public Communication Overview Public Communication
Sustainable Landscape Horticulture Overview Sustainable Landscape Horticulture
Self-Designed Major Overview Self Designed Major
Major Concentrations Department Web Site
Equine Science
Dairy Production
Zoo, Exotic and Companion Animals
Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Agriculture and the Environment
Conservation Biology and Biodiversity
Ecological Design
Environmental Analysis and Assessment
Environmental Biology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Geology
Environmental Resources
Water Resources
Environmental Science
General Plant Biology
Evolution and Ecology of Plants
Plant Molecular Biology
Plant Biology
Minors Details on courses required for a minor in:
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Applied Design Applied Design
Community and International Development 
Community and International Development
Community Entrepreneurship Community Entrepreneurship
Consumer Affairs Consumer Affairs
Consumer and Advertising Consumer and Advertising
Ecological Agriculture
Ecological Agriculture
Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies
Food Systems
Food Systems
Green Building and Community Design
Green Building and Community Design
Molecular Genetics
Molecular Genetics
Nutrition and Food Sciences
Nutrition and Food Sciences
Plant Biology
Plant Biology
Public Communication Public Communication
Soil Science Soil Science
Sustainable Landscape Horticulture Sustainable Landscape Horticulture

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